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10 Best Movies About Business & Entrepreneurship

10 Best Movies About Business & Entrepreneurship

Business literature can be dry, but movies are packed with drama. If you want to learn about business intricacies, cautionary tales, success stories, and more, consider watching our picks of best movies about business and entrepreneurship.

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened is a great movie that every entrepreneur should take the time to watch. The difference with this movie is that it helps teach entrepreneurs precisely what not to do. 

The film goes over the well known failed Fyre Festival, a fake festival that was gaining immense attraction in 2018. The festival was plastered all over social media, with a large number of celebrities and models in attendance. It gained a large following due to its recognition by celebrities and famous names. 

The festival never took place, and a lot of crazy, intense business decisions happened surrounding it. The owner and CEO is now serving jail time in relation to events surrounding the festival. 

The Social Network

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened is a great film to watch in order to see how entrepreneurship and business can go extremely well or extremely wrong, seemingly in the blink of an eye. It teaches viewers to be cautious about promises they make and following through on those promises. 

Business-minded people and entrepreneurs can benefit from watching The Social Network at least once. Everyone knows Facebook and most of us even know its origin story with Mark Zuckerberg. 

A minuscule hot-or-not site created in the early 2000s by a college student is now one of the most influential and widespread social media networks of all time. The Social Network goes through Zuckerberg’s process of creating the site and the subsequent challenges he faces. 

Any businessman or entrepreneur can learn a lot about starting from the bottom from this film. Starting the site as a young adult, Zuckerberg is now a household name. Millions of users flock to his site every year, with Facebook being one of the most relevant websites of the last nearly 20 years. 

The film can help teach business people and entrepreneurs both the pros and cons of creating your own business. It details Zuckerberg’s life after creating Facebook and follows him through his journey of legal battles and more. 

The Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is another origin story – based on the real-life events of Jordan Belfort. The film goes over Belfort’s success as an entrepreneur and his run-ins with trouble. 

Belfort was eventually convicted of fraud relating to the stock market. His tale is one to caution business people and entrepreneurs against – be aware of the pull that fame and money can have and be honest to yourself and those around you. 

Entrepreneurs and people in business can learn from The Wolf of Wall Street the challenges and dangers that come with the job. In the film, Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays Belfort, is a selfish and insensitive entrepreneur who can help teach viewers what not to be to succeed. 

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, played by Michael Fassbender, depicts the real-life story of Apple founder by the same name. This film is an excellent option for those looking to learn about starting from the bottom and making an empire. 

Jobs founded Apple after dropping out of college and looking for a way to provide small computers that users could have in their homes. Jobs’ entrepreneurial effects have been felt until today, even though he passed in 2011 from pancreatic cancer. Apple is one of, if not the, biggest companies worldwide. 

Steve Jobs is a film that can teach those interested in how to succeed while also showing the hardships and challenges that entrepreneurial work entails. 

Becoming Warren Buffet

Becoming Warren Buffet is an excellent film choice for entrepreneurs and business-minded people. It details the life of Warren Buffet, an accredited investor and successful businessman. 

Becoming Warren Buffet is a tremendously positive business movie option – the film depicts Warren Buffet as an extraordinarily charismatic and likable person. It gives uplifting and genuine hope to young entrepreneurs and ensures them that being an honest and kind person matters and will pay off in the end. 

Becoming Warren Buffet is a must-see as it shows exactly what to do as an entrepreneur, while other films often depict what not to do. It gives excellent examples of success that is deserved and well earned. This is a great reprieve from the other films that seem to warn against the dangers of getting involved in the industry. 

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Pirate of Silicon Valley depicts the growing tension between computer experts Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. The two are legendary entrepreneurs, possibly the most well-known of all time, most famous for their hands in creating what are now modern-day computers, cellphones, and more. 

The film is exceptionally educational on the background of their successes and what it takes to become an entrepreneur. It gives tips and tricks on how to break into an ever-growing industry that may seem daunting and impossible at times. 

The film is featured two influential entrepreneurs and gives hope to those who wish to follow in their footsteps. It’s incredibly motivating as it shows the lives of some of the best and most successful entrepreneurs of our time, maybe ever. depicts the story of a startup that raised 60 million dollars. The film is a great cautionary tale about the hardships and realities of the business world. It shows the downfall that occurs when things are mismanaged and not done correctly – the startup had all of the potential and financial backing possible yet still failed. 

The business movie teaches young entrepreneurs that things can go south quickly if not handled correctly while also showing that personal relationships can be at stake in the same vein. It advises against trying to con the system and instead encourages hard work and dedication to get ahead. It depicted a monumental time when online startups were new, and there were endless possibilities. 

The Big Short

Another great cautionary tale is The Big Short. Taking place during 2007 when the housing market was facing dire issues, the film reveals the story of a group of businessmen who use their knowledge for greed and money. 

The film is a great watch to teach young people in business and entrepreneurs that nothing good can come from greed and trying to get ahead. The movie teaches that there are other ways to get ahead that don’t involve deceit and using others’ lousy luck against them.  

The Corporation

The Corporation is a terrific movie to add to your must-watch list if you’re interested in business. It delves into the behind the scenes of corporations and the practices that are involved. It’s extremely eye-opening and brings up questions that may otherwise be ignored.

Business-minded individuals will benefit from learning about what goes on in the background as a way to help them succeed. Watching this film is a great idea for those who want to succeed in and learn about business in its entirety. 

Boiler Room

In a similar concept to The Wolf of Wall Street, Boiler Room shows the greedy elite’s success. It’s another cautionary tale against getting swept up in the money and the fame that can sometimes come from business.  

Young people in business and entrepreneurs should take into account the effects that doing dirty work can have on them and their relationships – Boiler Room is a great watch to help steer them on the right track. Sometimes seeing the devastation that can come from playing dirty is exactly what is needed to push them in the right direction. 

Boiler Room teaches business people to do what they do for the right reasons lest they end up on the bottom. 

Bottom Line 

The bottom line is, you can always consume more media to help you learn even more about business and entrepreneurship. There are a large number of successful stories from young entrepreneurs that took a chance, while there are a lot of the opposite as well. Doing research and understanding the do’s and don’ts of business will go a long way for an up and comer. 

It’s nearly as crucial for people in business to learn the cautionary tales as it is to hear the successes. It’s far too easy to get wrapped up in the fame, money, and more and forget where you’ve come from. Many of these films help ground the viewer and teach them the realities of being a greedy, selfish businessman.

If you’re interested in bettering your knowledge on business and the intricacies of personal relationships regarding business and how to conduct business as an honest person, watch a few of the business movies from the ten best movies about business & entrepreneurship.