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10 Best Office Chairs Under $500: Comfort Meets Style

10 Best Office Chairs Under $500: Comfort Meets Style

Your options for being comfortable in any office environment are limited, but an office chair is the best way to bring some level of comfort to work.

A full cushion, lumbar support, and customization options can make your office chair an extension of yourself and your desk.

But have you been in an office supply store recently? It seems office furniture designers have gone crazy over the past few years!

What used to be a cushion and back support is something that resembles what you might see on a spaceship.

Still, a quality office chair will make any day at the office (or your home office) a bit more bearable. We know that Branch ergonomic chair has your eye, but why not go for something cheaper?

So we reviewed some of the best office chairs under $500. Comfort does not have to be something you spend much money on while hunched over a keyboard.

Let’s get started!

Our Top 10 Picks For Office Chairs Under $500

Best for No Frills

This office chair from Furmax is a stylish, yet futuristic offering that comes with all the bells and whistles of your standard chair.

With a thick, comforting cushion that molds to you and mesh back support, you are sure to become part of the chair and forget you are sitting in it. 

PROS: Comfort meets style with this office chair with affordability being the focus.

CONS: Compared to other models, this model lacks customization options.

Best for Color Options

This BestOffice’s offering in the affordable home office chair market is one that ultimately is your basic office chair. However, that’s not stopping this company from offering enough color options to make this chair fit with any decor. 

PROS: Eight colors to choose from make this a style-minded office maven’s choice.

CONS: Do not expect much other than a simple office chair.

Best Mid-Range Chair

Amazon Basics is the brand for quality products with a price tag you will not hate. If you are seeking an office chair that can take you for a spin and make you feel like you are sitting in a fancy lawyer’s chair, this is the chair for you. 

PROS: The Amazon Basics chair has all the features of expensive office chairs for a fraction of the price.

CONS: Faux leather does not fool anyone these days. 

Best for Big & Tall

Serta, the name of comfort in the mattress and pillow market, has an office chair for those who want to feel like sitting on a cloud.

Tension adjustability, a comfortable headrest, and built for the big person in your life, the Serta Big & Tall Executive Office chair is a delight.

PROS: There is finally a chair for someone taller than 5’7”. 

CONS: You may feel swallowed up in this chair if you are under 6’.

Best in Quality

Sometimes, you want to splurge. The NOUHAUS Posture Ergonomic Leather Office Chair is worth the splurge.

With quality materials, enough back support for a long day at the office, and five stages of lumbar support, NOUHAUS has a winner here. 

PROS: For ergonomics, this chair is the one to beat on this list.

CONS: Only three color options with no dark brown.

Best in A Little Bit of Everything

This product from Modway includes tilt and lock functionality in addition to height-adjustable armrests, one-touch chair height adjustment, and a 360-degree swivel. This model has everything you need in an office chair.

PROS: Plenty of adjustable features make this a chair anyone would enjoy.

CONS: While offering plenty, there is very little that makes this chair stand out from a style perspective.

Best in Low Back Options

Amazon Basics is back with another exceptionally affordable option. This chair is the best we have seen when it comes to lower back support and affordability. Coming only in black, this chair will fit in any office design. 

PROS: Plenty of cushion with fantastic support on the lower back. 

CONS: It is not much to look at regarding style.

Best in Ergonomics

If you want a chair that will make you feel like you work in Silicon Valley, The Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is for you. With enough ergonomic customization in this chair, there is no way you will not be comfortable while you work. 

PROS: Plenty of adjustability and customization make this a winner.

CONS: We wish this was available in leather.

Best in Leather

Leather office chairs can make anyone feel regal. This offering from Homall is a top draw when it comes to a leather chair. Comfort, support, and style make this a chair worth a look if you want to upgrade your seating arrangement. 

PROS: Affordable for a leather chair with several color options – including white!

CONS: Lacks ergonomic customization.

Best in Lumbar Support

SIHOO’s Ergonomic Office Chair gives you enough lumbar support to ensure your lower back is not a mess when you leave the office. With bidirectional support, you can adjust the lumbar support to your ultimate comfort level.

PROS: This chair has unmatched lumbar options. 

CONS: Only available in black.

Reasonable Price for An Office Chair

You can spend hundreds on an office chair, but who wants to do that? Considering style, function, and ergonomics, you can buy a quality office chair for between $100 – $250. 

What to Look for in An Office Chair

A quality office chair meets several needs: price, adequate lumbar support, ergonomics customization, and comfort.

project manager working in office

Finding a chair that checks these boxes is not a Herculean effort. If you are more style-minded, then pick something that matches your style. Still, discover what means the most to you in an office chair, and start shopping! 

Final Thoughts

With these options, you are sure to own the best office chair under $500 in no time. There is no need to run out and spend several hundred dollars on a Steelcase chair when you can achieve the same quality at a fraction of the price. Now, let’s get working on organizing your desk.