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Best Office Wall Décor – Ideas, Inspiration, Examples & More

Best Office Wall Décor – Ideas, Inspiration, Examples & More

How do we envision the ideal office space? Is it designed for productivity, inspiration for a creative mind, or with a minimalist approach? We understand the importance of productive space, so choosing office wall decor is paramount for setting the tone that works best.

We offer lots of home office wall decor ideas for any workspace style

Our selection of office wall decor offers a unique way to express any profession, passion, and personality through signature designs and beautiful artwork. It’s the ideal way to create a productive space that works perfectly for any work and lifestyle.

Why Should You Decorate Your Office Walls?

best office wall décor - office wall decor on a plain blue wall

Office wall decor is not only part of a workspace, and it’s a way to personalize any space. We see it as a way to express your goals, sense of style and convey a powerful image to guests. Do you need a motivational quote or beautiful landscape to ignite your productivity? Office wall decor plays an essential role in making your workspace unique, in addition to practical.

Desk accessories work as a great accent to wall decor, including planter pots, mug warmers, and document organizers. The color theme of an office can ignite lots of great ideas or additional designs to enhance a current design.

How Can You Decorate Your Office Walls?

From minimalist prints and art deco vases to vintage photos and multi-purpose grids, there’s an unlimited number of options to choose from for a signature theme or design. Before making a decision, measure the size of your workspace, take into account the lighting and access to natural sunlight, and the overall theme. Office space can blend in with the rest of your space or stand out with a unique statement.

Where to Get Inspiration for Office Wall Decor

Pinterest and Instagram feature many notable artists, styles, and unique decor ideas to provide many ideas for office wall decor. The sky’s the limit, from artisan crafts and rural landscapes to handwritten inspirational quotes and fantasy themes. 

Bring custom artwork to life from a sketchbook by incorporating them into prints and showcasing them in an office space. A designer sketchbook with custom decal or designs can create a great desk accessory. 

Minimizing clutter or numerous items on a desk is essential before any backdrop decor is considered. An organizational station is an excellent way to make any workspace easy to navigate and decorate.

Motivational Quotes for Wall Decor

We’re a fan of inspirational office wall decor, motivational quotes, checklists, and ideas – they are refreshing and fun! They provide a great way to propel creativity and a lift on days when it’s needed. Motivational quotes are ideal against a solid color background or set over a scenic lake, mountain range, or brilliant sky. 

“Think Big” with Bold, Inspirational Quotes

Create a focal point of motivation on your office wall in large, bold print. A large decal is easy to apply and makes decorating any office space effortless. “Think Big” and other words of inspiration work best on a flat wall for a minimalist yet powerful impact.

Farmhouse Office Wall Decor for Rural Workspace

A rural setting is a beautiful background for a workspace, and a farmhouse office wall decor offers a natural, soothing touch to any room. It’s easily tied in with earthy tones of the countryside with professional office wall decor ideas from trees and wildlife to wood grain borders and open field landscapes. 

A waterfall over a set of rocks or a sunrise to start the day make excellent decor or choose a folk art theme with silhouettes and impressions of animals.

Planter Vases and Geometric Wall Decor

For a more dimensional design, we recommend geometric vases and decorative pieces to adorn an office wall. There are many great options from brass, vintage styles, and modern, solid colors to compliment your favorite plants or flowers. It’s the perfect office wall decor idea for her, with many faux and natural plant options.

Photo and Decorative Grid for a Personalized Office Wall

Are you looking for an office wall decor that’s more than a picture? Decorative wall grids offer multi-purpose options in various sizes and colors. There is the option to add photos and notes, or small planters or containers, with many sizes, styles, and options. 

The GBYAN office wall grid collection is an excellent way to decorate any space with a sense of practicality. Each grid or holder is made of durable metal and coated in various colors to suit any theme. They make excellent gifts for a home office and offer a versatile option to change up your space.

Office Wall Decor Ideas for Her

Finding the right decor or signature touch for the businesswoman or entrepreneur is an opportunity to get creative. There are plenty of custom ideas from fairy lights in mason jars, interactive grid designs, and uplifting decorations to “dress up” the workspace. Creating a unique, artisan-style space for work is the perfect way to personal expression for the artist. 

LED lights are not only inexpensive, low-energy, and long-lasting, but they are also available in many colors and hues, so you can easily mix and match any shapes and styles to compliment any personalized style.

Canvas Art for Your Office Wall

The beauty of canvas wall art is a breathtaking way to accentuate your office space. Whether the decor is for a visual artist or to showcase a commissioned piece to adorn an office wall, there are unlimited options to choose from vintage, black-and-white photography to abstract paintings and minimalist designs.

1. Vintage and Historical Photographs

Is there a historic landmark or photograph to showcase at work? An office wall decor is a perfect canvas to showcase centuries-old pictures of the Eiffel Tour or a vintage landscape of New York City. Older maps, celebrity pictures from the silent movie era, or other niche pictures make an interesting conversation starter and unique background to a productive space.

2. Abstract Art and Prints

We enjoy abstract prints or simple art designs and offer unlimited options for any theme or distinct style. Choose a nature-inspired theme with flowers, wildlife, seasonal colors, geometric shapes, and textured designs. Select one or more artwork panels to “frame” a workspace or create unique art and add a custom frame.

Office Wall Decor Fits in Every Workspace

office wall decor

We like the idea of choosing a custom print or painting for an office wall decor or a collection of signature pieces. There’s a fantastic selection of options to enhance any workspace. We offer wall decor solutions for every office space, from small, square pictures and decorative vases, to large, full-sized prints and bold motivational quotes and words.

Workspace Decor for Every Budget

The price range for office wall decor varies considerably, and we feature lots of options to fit every budget. There are affordable decorations and lots of beautiful designs to create a signature look from local artists to multi-purpose wall grids and photo collections. An office workspace is more than a productivity center it’s a way to express personality and enhance any workspace.


There’s an office wall decor piece or collection for every home office and open-concept workspace. We can dress up any professional space to impress guests and colleagues who visit or view your space through online meetings. A home office is perfect for expanding the boundaries of creativity beyond the traditional workplace and giving you a personalized, functional space explicitly built for anyone.