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9 Best Part-Time Work-From-Home Jobs

If you like the idea of part-time work-from-home, you’re in luck. There are a ton of creative jobs you can make a living from in the comfort of your home.

Society now allows us the luxury of making decisions about the type of jobs we want. Luckily for those who prefer not to report to a workplace for eight hours every day, with the boom of technology and the internet, part-time work-from-home jobs are now a viable source of livelihood.

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Moms make up a good chunk of the percentage that prefer work which provides them with this freedom — oftentimes because of the ample amount of responsibilities at home. And also what’s not to love?

Those who work-from-home can also work in a coffee shop, library and almost anywhere. Some might also have the flexibility to work based on their preferred schedule or have the flexibility of being their own boss — so what’s not to love about working from home?

Around 4.7 million Americans work online, and it might be your time to get a slice of that pie.

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To all the moms out there — if you prefer to work your creative magic from home and get paid for it, then keep reading.

Working Mom From Home

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a skilled professional that offers businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs support in an endless number of ways.

Typically they specialize in a specific area such as social media or cold-calling but others are more well-rounded generalists who can handle a range of projects. This might be anywhere from admin based work, to marketing, to project management.

More specifically the typical list of responsibilities for a VA can include making phone calls, data entry, scheduling appointments, social media management, proofreading, editing, writing, marketing, graphic design, project management, email correspondence, internet research, customer service, event planning, and any other tasks the client might ask them to do.

Someone who has a keen sense of organization and an ability to multitask would make a very good VA. And while you might be able to get on-the-job training for VA work, you will need to be reliable with good time management and a stable internet connection.

The opportunities for someone in this line of work are plentiful, especially in the part-time space. So many businesses are now operating online and have functions based solely on the online platform that such businesses inevitably need virtual assistants to help out.

More and more have become aware that they can hire self-employed virtual assistants because it is more cost-effective.

Virtual assistants can be hired for full-time, part-time to work-from-home or remotely with one client. And others are more like freelancers, working with multiple clients.

If you’re starting out you might need patience and hard work to secure a stream of steady clients and increase your charge per hour if you’re working on a freelance basis from home.

You can choose to work as an employee or set up your own business, each option has its pros and cons, so do your research and see what would be a good fit for you. If you decide to run your own VA business you can set your rates by the hour, project, package, or task.

Virtual Assistant

Typically, you can earn anywhere from $10-$80 per hour depending on your experience and what services you offer but for most virtual assistants, the pay ranges $10 to $15 an hour.

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is another vocation where you can quite easily find a part-time work-from-home role.

Typically, graphic designers work in marketing departments. With the right software, they create eye-catching visuals for electronic media by manipulating various images or videos which can all be done from a home office or a laptop on a kitchen bench.

Graphic Designers are visual communicators. With the right software, they can create eye-catching visuals for electronic media by manipulating various images or videos.

It’s not a skill you can pick-up overnight, but there are many online programs that teach you the what’s what of this vocation.

All you’ll need to begin your part-time work-from-home gig is a high-quality computer, internet and basic graphics programs – think Adobe Creative Cloud programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or Muse.

You might also need a printer and scanner and a good sketchbook for sketching out a concept before you bring it to the computer.

To be successful in this field you would be required to communicate your client’s brand to their audience using imagery. This can include logo designs, business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, print advertisements, booklets, catalogs, invitations, social media pages, website creation, and so on.

Setting up a website with 4-6 samples and a brief description of your work might help win you more clients as a result of looking more professional and having your finished products on display.

As a work-from-home Graphic Designer, you can start earning $25 per hour and it only goes up from there.

Graphic Designer


If you have previous marketing experience, this career is easy to segue from working in the office to working from home. Many smaller companies need of a well-rounded marketer to grow their business but don’t have the funds to hire in house.

Marketers work to promote products and services with a sales goal, or they can also work to analyze data and come up with marketing strategies, perform market research, oversee advertising and promotions, manage product development and also oversee customer service and public relations.

Marketing is one of the common lucrative online careers for those who have the right skills, specifically, these are people with entrepreneurial spirits and high levels of energy are excellent in this vocation.

The take-home pay highly depends on the company but typical commission rates range from 20% to 35%.

Social Media Manager

If you spend all day liking, tweeting, pinning, etc, why not get paid for it?

Social media management is a popular choice for those wanting to earn money from home. It might seem deceptively simple as these days everyone is on Facebook and Instagram but building a following, engaging followers and creating content is a big, multifaceted job that requires planning, consistency and a deep understanding of the social platform.

The responsibilities of a social media manager might include regularly updating accounts with engaging content, responding to questions, comments, and messages, moderating and banning users as needed or deleting offensive comments, creating graphics, analyzing the competition, track the number of followers, analyze the click-through rates, and make marketing decisions based on data.

Having said that — there are a lot of entry-level positions that don’t’ require any experience to start. Like anything, once you do have more experience, your responsibilities will no doubt grow and so will your paycheck.

Social media has metamorphosed from a tool used only as a medium of connecting people into a tool capable of performing diverse business functions such as sales and marketing and businesses have noted the importance of this platform in regards to reaching customers.

A manager in this capacity is incredibly important for businesses and brands and the need for skilled people to manage their accounts increases.

If you’re interested in trying your hand here practice on your own social media accounts or you could offer to manage the account of a friend who owns a business for free. For moms who understand how to grow an online presence, you don’t have to wait until companies approach you.

Social Media managers can make upwards of $50 per year.

Social Media Manager


Do you own a camera? Do your family and friends always rely on you to capture photos from each family gathering or event?

If you are good at taking pictures you could work as a freelance photographer. Consider what types of photography make you happiest — do you like to be alone in your studio, getting the perfect lighting for a product shot or do you like the bustle and unpredictability of a family photoshoot?

In our photographically saturated world, photographers are in demand.

Even though this isn’t strictly a “work-from-home” job because you do have to go out and take pictures, it still offers you the flexibility to make your own schedule.

Many beginner and experienced photographers use the online space to make a living, and for most photographers making a debut in the industry, it’s essential to create a regularly updated blog to showcase your work and get the standard social media accounts.

In the early stages exact to take jobs that don’t pay too much or even at all since referrals are a good way to market your brand and services. You may want to take a few photos for free to build up your portfolio, then you can look for jobs on Avanti, Shutterstock, Snapwire, and Demand Media.

You can also post your images on specific sites for people to buy or even join sites where they get exclusive jobs. In some sites, there is always the possibility of getting long-term work.

Whether it’s creating content for a business, family and wedding photos or product photography, it’s an easy skill to monetize.

Both marketing and pricing are vital issues that affect photographers. It’s important to be careful with pricing because if you go too low potential clients might doubt your skills, and too high might be out of their budget.

Photographers can get paid anywhere from $50-$500 per hour.



The print publishing industry is not what it was in its heyday but plenty of writers find a way to make a living with their skills without difficulty.

Companies, start-ups and even individuals are your potential clients and skills in demand range from writing, proofreading, and editing. Many writers have also ventured into blogging and/ or are paid to write promotional posts on their blogs. Other writers are paid to write for company websites, blogs, or as journalists.

Many other writing opportunities exist of course including copywriting, content marketing, ghostwriting, and others. If you’re a creative writer you might want to get familiar with our article 6 Creative Writing Jobs You Can Do from Home.

Essentially, writers are needed everywhere; to create ideas that will end up on inestimable pages on the internet, and contrary to popular belief, you don’t even need to be an English major or have a degree at all to become a writer.

If you’re just starting off you might want to apply for writing gigs that don’t pay as well to gain experience and build your portfolio. The key is to acquire a good reputation and a quality portfolio with positive reviews and, in a few months, you’ll be able to use your experience and writing samples to go after better-paying jobs.

People with talent in this department can make anywhere from $50 to $2000 per article, depending on their experience and field of expertise.

Best Part Time Work for Home of Office

Content Curator

With the abundance of digital information on the internet, content curation is becoming an increasing necessity for many businesses — whether for social media, content marketing or reporting.

As a content curator, you’ll sift and sort through content to present the most relevant important parts to your clients or followers to be shared on blogs, social media, websites, and so on.

If you don’t want to be involved in content creation but have a  good eye for what works well together, this can be a great job but it certainly helps if you have experience in blogging, social media management, or content marketing for this job.

Content curators make around $19-21 per hour, and $44, 000 per year.


While you’ll have more success getting work if you’ve built up a portfolio in art school, almost anyone with drawing skills can become an illustrator — you just need to find clients who like and need your particular style.

Talented artists looking to use their skills to make a living have numerous opportunities available to work on a part-time basis. But in most cases, illustrators have to be versatile because such work is often combined with graphic design and animation.

Just like other work-from-home jobs, it’s important to build a strong reputation to make sure there’s a steady flow of work.

Information Technology Designer

If you’re visually minded and love a little problem solving, design is a great way to make a living from home and too difficult we might add. In the information technology sector, for example, there are web developers or designers who make substantial incomes working from home.

Web design services would include optimizing user experience, designing the back end, or assisting with general maintenance, template redesigns, code updates, and plenty of other niche work.

There are plenty of careers that allow you to work-from-home but to make sure your career progresses and you can hang on to a good gig the rule of thumb is to make sure you do each job to the best of your ability. Gaining a good reputation and getting positive reviews will see that you’re on the way to getting long-term clients, and sustainable work for the foreseeable future.

Information Technology Designer