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16 Best Planner Pads to Help You Achieve Your Goals

These days, it might seem old-fashioned to use a paper planner pad. However, it’s a proven fact that there are many benefits to physically writing things down.

There are hundreds of different planner pads and planner pad accessories, and it can get overwhelming and counterproductive to find one that works for you.

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We know that time is precious, so we’ve saved you time by researching and compiling a stellar list of planner pads. Any of these options can make a great addition to your desk setup.

Our Top Picks for Planner Pads

So, if you’re looking for an effective way to stay organized, check out our list of the best planner pads in 2021 that will help you achieve your goals.

1. Lamare Weekly Planner Notepad – Best Overall

We picked this planner as our favorite because it’s the most well-rounded, and it has a very logical flow in its layout. The page starts with a “Weekly Focus” to help you keep the big picture in mind. Then, it breaks down and prioritizes your weekly tasks.

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

This planner pad has all the essentials to help you stay on top of your weekly tasks and responsibilities.

There’s ample room to list appointments and notes underneath each weekday. It also keeps your self-care in check with space for a weekly habit tracker. Lastly, we appreciate how each section has lines so that all your notes look neat and evenly spaced.

Overall, this planner is a great fit for different lifestyles. So, if you’re new to using planner pads or looking for something new, this would be a great choice.

2. Bliss Collections Essential Weekly Planner Pad – Runner Up

We love this planner pad because it’s elegant, simple, and easy to read. The clean format leaves plenty of room for you to write down appointments and notes.

It also has all of the planner essentials and includes a unique assessment feature. You can rate your week so that you can remember to celebrate the small victories and show yourself kindness after a rough week.

It’s a great planner that helps you to learn from past mistakes, appreciate the present, and plan for the future.

3. Global Printed Products To-Do Pad – Best Daily Planner

You can get a lot more specific with a daily planner. This planner balances your work life and personal life. It keeps track of your daily tasks and appointments while reminding you to prioritize yourself.

There is space for you to plan your daily meals and workout plans, and each page ends with a reminder to practice gratitude.

4. Clever Fox Weekly Desk Planner – Best for Productivity

If you’re goal-oriented, you’ll love this planner. It starts with listing your main goal for the week and then breaks down that goal into manageable pieces.

It also has a simple habit tracker, and you can also choose from several different color palettes for an added personal touch.

5. ZICOTO Aesthetic Weekly Planner Pad and Habit Tracker – Best for Budget

If you’re looking for one of the best deals, check out this planner. The layout is clean and simple and includes a habit tracker.

It covers the basics of weekly planning while being easy on your budget.

6. Bloom Daily Planners Tear Off To-Do Pad – Best for Self-Care

Simply put, you can’t accomplish your goals without yourself. So, it’s important to add self-care to your planning. This planner pad dedicates a good amount of space to your well-being.

It includes a meal planner, water tracker, and space for self-care activities. It also has a section for you to practice daily gratitude.

7. Bliss Collections Minimalist Weekly Planner – Best for Adding Personalized Touches

One of the fun things about planner pads is personalizing them. This weekly planner has a clean, one-color design that makes it perfect for you to decorate.

There’s enough space for all your highlights, stickers, and other planner pad accessories. This planner pad will keep you creative and organized at the same time.

8. 321Done Weekday Planning Notepad – Best for Minimalists

This planner has a very simple design. It doesn’t waste any space, so all your planning can fit into it.

It also comes in three different sizes, so if you’re looking to declutter your desk, you can choose a smaller option.

9. PAPERIAN Brilliant Weekly Scheduler – Best Portable Option

If you live on the go, you’re going to want a planner pad that can keep up with you. This option has a durable cover and binding.

The binding also keeps all the pages together so that you can easily look back or plan for upcoming weeks. It also comes with a stand so that it can rest upright for easy viewing while you’re at your desk.

10. Bliss Collections Color Bands Calendar – Best Desk Accessory

Having a well-decorated workspace can help boost productivity and keep you motivated to work. This planner can help you stay organized and decorate your desk at the same time.

The beautifully vibrant color palette makes it a great statement piece for your desk. It also has a simple structure that creates enough room for you to list your appointments and tasks.

Honorable Mentions

There are a lot of great planner pads out there. So, we want to make sure to include some honorable mentions that are also worth your consideration.

11. Bliss Collections Weekly Planner Pad

This planner gets straight to the point. It’s for anyone who’s just looking to complete their tasks without the fluff.
Bliss Collections Essential Daily Planner

12. Bliss Collections Essential Daily Planner

This planner is the daily version of our second pick, making it a great companion piece for the weekly version. Each page starts with setting the tone for the day, which helps you stay on track and focused.

Two Tumbleweeds Weekly Planner

13. Two Tumbleweeds Weekly Planner

Although it has a simple design, this planner leaves space to include some fun into your plans.

Checking off fun items on a to-do list can be a nice break from your work tasks and makes your day more enjoyable.

14. Lamare Daily Planner

We love this planner because of its great use of space. It helps prioritize your daily tasks and has ample room for notes.

It also prioritizes your well-being by reminding you to practice self-care and daily gratitude.

15. MINIMALMART Weekly Planner

This planner pad covers all basics and includes a space for you to plan for the next week.

It also has a simple workout and hydration tracker so that you can easily keep tabs on your physical health.

16. Sweetzer & Orange Daily Planner

Daily planning is made easy with this simple yet cute design. Each section has a designated color block, and you can also plan for tomorrow.


We’ve created this planner pads review because the perfect one can be an essential tool for boosting your productivity. The Lamare Weekly Planner Notepad gets our top pick since it takes care of the needs of many ambitious folk or, on the flip side, those that need a little push.

However, you’re unique, so it’s important to find a planner that best fits needs, right? Find what works for you and get ready to tackle that to-do list and achieve your goals.