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10 Best Productivity Planners To Help You Achieve Your Work Goals

10 Best Productivity Planners To Help You Achieve Your Work Goals

A productivity planner is like a traditional planner but with added features that help you break bad habits like procrastination and help you create good habits.

Productivity planners are the perfect accessory that can change your life, but it’s crucial you find one that works best for you.

There are so many possibilities out there, and it can be challenging to find the one that fits your individual needs.

Whether you’re looking for a highly customizable planner or one that teaches you how to be productive, here are the best productivity planners 2022 offers!

Our Shortlist For Best Productivity Planners

Below are our top picks for the best productivity planners available.

Papercode Daily Planner: best productivity planners

Best for Achieving Goals 

The Simple Elephant contains everything you need from a yearly planner to be your most productive self. It’s an undated 12-month calendar that focuses on tracking and achieving your goals. This planner is broken down into three sections. 

The first section is where you write your goals, a mind map, and a vision board. The second section has 12 blank monthly pages. The third section has 52 blank weekly pages.

PROS: Extremely goal-oriented. Highly customizable.

CONS: Stickers that add additional organization are an extra cost.

  • Value: Great value for money
  • Features: Blank pages and three distinct sections 
  • Durability: Not very durable
  • Materials: Faux leather

Panda Planner Pro

Best for Learning How To Be Productive

The Panda Planner Pro is one of the best six-month planners available because the creators use a scientific method when building their products. These planner pages will help you build good habits by teaching you different methods of being productive. 

It comes with free supplemental training to further increase your skill at being productive.

PROS: Used a scientific method to build its planner pages to work for most people.

CONS: The planner only contains six months, so you will need to purchase two of them.

  • Value: One of the best value-for-money planners due to the free training
  • Features: Useful templates
  • Durability: Susceptible to bends and creases
  • Materials: Softcover and 100 GSM paper

Clever Fox Planner

Best for Customizing 

The Clever Fox Planner PRO is one of the best planners for 2022 and will serve you well for the entire year.

It comes with a ton of extras like a quick start guide, extra stickers, and bleed-resistant paper. We recommend storing and transporting it in a backpack to prevent it from getting damaged.

PROS: Large size leaves you plenty of writing space and will fit in a bigger-sized shelf or cabinet unit. You can purchase this planner in 22 different colors.

CONS: Not the most durable because of the materials used in its construction.

  • Value: Comes with many extras, so it’s worth the cost
  • Features: Carefully-crafted planner sheets, stickers, and a guide
  • Durability: Loose stitching
  • Materials: Bleed-resistant paper and softcover

Blue Sky 2022-2023 Planner

Best for Teachers

The Blue Sky Academic Planner is the best planner for teachers as it features a basic layout that allows you to organize your academic work.

This option is the most basic planner available, and there are no extra bells or whistles, so what you see is what you get. The spiral binding can become damaged, causing individual sheets of paper to come out.

PROS: Provides you with short-term and long-term academic planning. This planner will fit nicely in a binder.

CONS: Its durability isn’t the best because of its spiral binding and soft cover.

  • Value: Not the most cost-efficient product
  • Features: Fully-dated planner
  • Durability: Fairly durable
  • Materials: Spiral binding and ‎polypropylene cover

Legend Planner

Best for Self-Reflection 

The Legend Planner is the passion planner for those that enjoy the journey more than the destination. Extras include a fantastic cover design, three ribbons for bookmarking, planning stickers, and a pocket for extra storage. 

The paper has been reported to bleed-through, so be aware of the type of writing utensil you use. The legend planner includes built-in prompting, which makes filling it out super easy and fun.

PROS: Lots of great habit-building, values confirming, and goal-tracking mechanics will have you become the best version of yourself.

CONS: The paper bleeds through, and the planner is smaller, limiting your writing.

  • Value: Plenty of extras make this planner worth the money
  • Features: Prompts, ribbons, stickers, and storage pocket
  • Durability: Can withstand a lot of use
  • Materials: Thick, faux leather

Life & Work Planner

Best for Achieving Perfect Work-Life Balance

The Freedom Mastery productivity planner features planning for your personal and work life, so you’re successful in all areas of your life! It features undated weekly and monthly calendar pages and planners for:

  • Goal-setting 
  • Habit-tracking 
  • Business planning 
  • Self-care

Additional items include productivity stickers, a foldable vision board, lay-flat binding, and inner pockets. 

It’s packed with planning prompts, inspirational quotes, and knowledge checks that make you want to come back every day.

PROS: This planner is loaded cover to cover with a ton of extras.

CONS: The instruction manual for this planner is 26-pages long, so expect a steep learning curve.

  • Value: Exceptional value
  • Features: Pen holder, calenders, multiple planners, stickers, and more
  • Durability: Very sturdy
  • Materials: Faux leather

Intelligent Change - 6-Month Productivity Planner

Best for Time Management 

The Intelligent Change planner focuses solely on improving your time management by tracking your daily and weekly tasks.

This minimalistic planner doesn’t have many additional features, but it works well. Keep in mind that this is an undated five-day planner designed for the traditional work week.

The intelligent change planner is very easy to use because of its sole focus on tracking tasks.

PROS: Specializes in five-day work weeks with daily and weekly task management.

CONS: Not a seven-day planner.

  • Value: You don’t get as much bang for your buck with this product
  • Features: Undated five-day layout
  • Durability: Sturdy construction
  • Materials: Hardcover, ribbon bookmark, and thick paper

Power Place Daily Planner

Best for Protecting The Environment

The Power Place planner is a six-month productivity planner featuring essential goal planning, task management, and a notes section.

This planner provides the best extras out of any other 6-month binders on this list, but it is the least intuitive to use because it doesn’t explain how to use its features.

PROS: Every part of this planner is eco-friendly and made from vegan-based materials.

CONS: Not intuitive to use, and the paper bleeds through easily.

  • Value: A reasonable price for the materials
  • Features: Storage slots, 360 pages
  • Durability: Doesn’t bend or crease
  • Materials: Vegan leather cover

Undated Weekly Planner

Best for Weekly Planning

The KAICN planner focuses only on weekly planning. It’s designed with two pages per week that provide excellent task management. 

It’s a very basic weekly planner with little customization. The dual-wired binding is exceptionally sturdy which will protect your sheets cover to cover.

PROS: This productivity planner focuses on weekly productivity, which makes it less overwhelming.

CONS: No ability to customize the cover or pages. What you see is what you get.

  • Value: Low-cost
  • Features: Two-page format
  • Durability: Very durable
  • Materials: Dual-wire binding, non-bleeding paper

Get Stuff Done Productivity Planner

Best for Quarterly Planning 

The Get Stuff Done is a quarterly planner focusing on making the most out of a three-month period. It comes with additional features like a pen loop, inner pocket, and organizational tabs. 

This planner offers tips and tricks for being productive, which will help you use it to its utmost potential.

PROS: This portable 13-week planner is meant for short-term planning and can fit easily into a desk organizer.

CONS: The book doesn’t lie flat on its own, which may frustrate some.

  • Value: Not the best value
  • Features: Pen loop, organizational tabs, and an inner pocket
  • Durability: Fairly durable
  • Materials: Bleed-free paper

Here’s Why You Need a Productivity Planner

There are many reasons you need a productivity planner. They help you stay organized and make achieving short-term and long-term goals not feel so overwhelming. 

professional carrying productivity planner to work

A productivity planner will always remind you what you need to accomplish, no matter how busy you are or what curveballs life throws. Studies have proven that people that have written plans achieve their goals better than those who don’t.

Final Thoughts

Buying a productivity planner for 2022 is the first step in making your life productive. It’s overwhelming to find the best productivity planners for your individual needs, so we’ve provided our recommended planners based on specific goals.