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10 Best Receipt Scanners for Small Businesses (2021)

In today’s day and age, a receipt scanner is non-negotiable if you hope to efficiently run any small business or are self-employed and need to track tax write-offs. In this guide, we’ll walk you through ten of the best receipt scanners or invoice scanners on the market, what they do best, and what they could improve upon.

If you’re ready to turn your cluttered “receipts folder” into an easy-to-manage virtual system, keep reading!

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Best Overall: Brother ADS-1700W*

The Brother ADS-1700W*, while not the prettiest portable scanner on this list, is our best overall winner because it’s the ideal combination of price, size, and function.

This duplex receipt scanner is easy to fold down to a smaller size for portability, and while the document feeder only supports up to 20 pages at a time, that’s pretty impressive for a portable scanner.

Additionally, this unit applies automatic image and text correction, and it comes with downloadable OCR software, too. The built-in touch screen is a bit small, but it’s impressive enough that a portable unit has touch screen navigation to begin with.

And finally, while the price is average for this list, it’s appropriate for the number of features you get with this model. 

The only downside we see with the Brother ADS-1700W* is that you have to download the software and drivers separately; it doesn’t have the plug-and-play capability that more user-friendly models have. 

receipt scanner

Most Portable: Doxie Go SE*

Speaking of user-friendly, if you’re looking for a mobiele receipt scanner that won’t give you a headache while you figure out how to scan receipts, the Doxie Go SE is the way to go.

This portable scanner is the only entry on this list that doesn’t require a computer, a cord, or an internet connection to use. It’s a truly portable model that can work just about anywhere. 

The secret to the Doxie Go SE* is its onboard memory. This little scanner can scan up to 4,000 sheets of paper before you need to transfer the files to a computer, and it can scan up to 400 sheets on one charge, too.

Additionally, the software included is straightforward enough to be usable by anyone. 

While it’s not the fastest scanner on this list by a long shot (it takes a full eight seconds to scan one sheet of paper), the plug-and-play, use-anywhere functionality and built-in OCR software make it an excellent pick for those who want something simple. 

Portable Document Scanner

Overall Runner-Up: Canon ImageFORMULA R10*

Although the Doxie we looked at above is incredibly functional in its own right, it lost out to the Canon ImageFORMULA R10* when it comes to “bang for your buck.”

For one, while the Canon is a duplex scanner, the Doxie can only scan one side at a time. The Canon ImageFORMULA R10 is just as portable as the Doxie, as well.

The Canon is the same price as the Doxie above, but it comes with a document feeder capable of handling 20 pages to the Doxie’s single-sheet capability.

Additionally, the R10 comes with built-in software just like the Doxie. It’s quite a bit faster, as well, as it can scan a page entirely in five seconds instead of the Doxie’s eight. 

All in all, while the R10 doesn’t have the same use-anywhere functionality that the Doxie does (it does require a USB computer connection), it surpasses it in nearly every other regard. 

Compact Mobile Document Scanner

Budget Pick: Brother DS-640*

If you’re looking for receipt scanners on a budget, the Brother DS-640 should be high on your list. While this is the least expensive scanner we look at here, the DS-640 is by no means lacking in functionality.

While it’s a one-sided single-sheet scanner, it showcases lightning-fast speeds (as little as 3.75 seconds for one sheet of paper) and a minimal form factor. 

This scanner is straightforward to use, too. While it’s not plug-and-play ready, the related software is free to download and connects easily to cloud-based storage. It comes with OCR software and automatic text adjustments, too. 

scanner fujitsu

Premium Pick: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Deluxe*

The Fujitsu SnapScan iX1500 Deluxe* is an excellent option for those who need speed, functionality, and versatility all in one, especially if you don’t mind a larger form factor.

While the iX1500 wasn’t designed to be super portable, it’s portable enough to be moved when necessary. 

The iX1500 comes with a four-inch touchscreen for easy use, and it can work fully independent of a computer, too, though it does need an internet connection to do this.

The iX1500 is also unique in that it offers user profiles, meaning different people can switch between different settings and folders quickly and easily. This is extremely valuable for office environments where workers might share the receipt scanners between themselves. 

However, keep in mind that the main downfall of the iX1500* is its price. This unit will set you back nearly five times as much as our budget pick, the Brother DS-640.

Office Document Scanner

Best Desktop: Canon ImageFORMULA R40*

The Canon ImageFORUMLA R40 is an excellent pick for those looking to find a happy medium between expensive, feature-filled scanners and single-sheet portable models.

While this is a desktop model, it has a minimal form factor that makes it easy to store when it’s not in use. It doesn’t have a touch screen, but the affordable price tag helps make up for that. 

However, this scanner’s most appealing aspects are its 60-sheet document feeder and its high scanning speed. This model is fast enough to scan up to 40 pages per minute, making it an excellent pick for those concerned with speed and productivity. 

Epson DS-80W Document Scanner

Fastest Portable Scanner: Epson DS-80W*

If you need to pack as many features as you can into a portable document scanner, the Epson DS-80W* may be what you’ve been looking for. This small-but-mighty scanner comes with a battery for wireless use, but it can connect and charge via USB, too. 

While this scanner isn’t the fastest on our list by a long shot, it’s one of the fastest portable models on this list. While it’s a bit more expensive than the Brother DS-640 above, it can keep up with it in scanning speed.


However, unlike the DS-640, the DS-80W* can connect to WiFi and scan to the cloud entirely independently of a computer. 

Mobile Receipt and Document Scanner

Best for Receipts: Epson Workforce ES-55R*

Unlike most of the other scanners on this list, Epson designed the Workforce ES-55R* for scanning receipts. It can handle other documents with ease, of course, but the ES-55R comes with receipt management software specifically included, which the other receipt scanners on this list cannot boast. 

If you usually work with receipts, this software can be a game-changer. It allows the scanner to take information from the receipt, categorize the file accordingly, and even export specific data to other programs without your intervention. It truly has one of the best receipt scanning software on this list.

While its single-sheet status and speed of six seconds per sheet are somewhat unimpressive, you can’t beat it for receipt organization. 

Desktop Document Scanner

Best Capacity: Epson Workforce ES-580W*

While very few receipts are double-sided, it’s always nice to have a duplex-capable scanner handy just in case you need to record any double-sided scanned receipt.

The Epson Workforce ES-580W* excels at this with a 100-sheet document feeder (the highest on this list by 40 sheets), color scanning, a helpful 4.3-inch touchscreen, and the ability to save to a USB drive. The ES-580W is a receipt reader and is one of only two scanners on this list that is a receipt saver that is able to save to onboard memory.

However, the Epson Workforce stands out because of the time-saving Epson software suite that comes with it. It does come complete with the usual OCR, but extra features such as automatic file naming and single-step duplex scanning help put it over the top. 

Raven Original Document Scanner

Best Display: Raven Original Document Scanner*

If you need a large, visible display to help you navigate emerging technology, you’re in luck: there’s a scanner for that! The Raven document scanner is a space-saving desktop scanner that can scan directly to the cloud, email, DropBox, and several other options. While the Raven can operate without a computer, it doesn’t come with a battery, so it’s not truly “portable.”

The most important feature of the Raven Original, however, is the aforementioned seven-inch LCD touchscreen. The large, bright screen and user-friendly operating system make it easy to use, even for those who don’t typically do well with technology.

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Because the screen is so large, you can even edit your documents (such as de-skewing, cropping, and rotations) right from the screen. 

While the Raven Original’s price is a bit steep in our opinion, some may find it worth it because of those extra usability features. 


When you consider its combination of portability, duplex scanning, and helpful software, we feel that it’s clear why the Brother ADS-1700W rises to the top of this list.

However, that doesn’t mean the rest of the options here aren’t worth considering! With all of the excellent options for receipt scanners on the market today, we’re confident that there’s something out there for just about anyone.

If you have a lingering question that goes something like “but how do you scan a receipt?” all of the bill and receipt scanners in the list above have thorough instructions on the process. 

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