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Best White Desk Chairs: Elevate Your Office

Best White Desk Chairs: Elevate Your Office

A stylish white chair for your desk can elevate the look of your office and give you maximum comfort all at the same time. There are plenty of different options for finding the best white office chairs for you or your team, whether for your conference room, computer desk, or home office.

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Our Top Picks For White Office Chairs

Looking for the best white chairs for your office? We’ll help you find the perfect solution. All of our top picks bring something unique to the table.

GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Office

Best Overall White Executive Office Chair

How did we choose the GM Seating Dreem to be our top pick? It is a premium chair that looks slightly futuristic and was designed to support your seated posture. Almost everything on this chair is adjustable from the armrests to the seat height to the lumbar support and even the depth of the recline.

It’s a solid chair with a heavy aluminum frame (unlike many office chairs that are mostly plastic). Overall the impression is a chair that looks great, will last, and improve your back’s position and comfort while you are sitting at your desk. Considering how much time most of us spend at our desks, it’s not just furniture but an investment in your health.

Furmax High Back Office Desk Chair

Best Budget White Office Chair

The Furmax ergonomic white executive office chair has a modern look that will blend in perfectly with just about any workplace or home office. Despite the relatively low cost, it offers exceptionally comfortable and won’t let you down, even if you sit for more extended periods. It’s excellent for both working and other activities, like gaming, and the thick cushion will give you all of the support you need.

One of the best features of this chair is its durability, thanks to steel armrests and legs. Assembly is easy, and it comes with a one-year limited warranty. 

Best lumber support NOUHAUS posture Ergonomic PU leather office chair

Best White Ergonomic Office Chair for Lumbar Support

If you’re looking for a white office chair with excellent built-in lumbar support, the Nouhaus +Posture model is a good option. It supports your back and features ergonomic qualities that make it super comfortable to sit in. You can adjust the armrests, lumbar support features, and tilting angle of the chair. 

Additionally, this white high-back office chair is exceptionally handsome and easy to put together. It’s the total package, especially for people who suffer from back pain. 

Best under $50 mesh office chair with lumber support ergonomic white desk chair

Best White Desk Chair Under $50

This Best Home white mesh office chair for under $50 is a budget-friendly option that comes with all of the standard bells and whistles of the other chairs on this list. The height is completely adjustable, and the chair itself is ergonomic and comfortable. It offers full lumbar support, and the mesh backing keeps you from getting too sweaty. 

Easy to assemble this modern white desk chair can be put it together in under half an hour. Despite this being the cheapest white desk chair on our list it’s still a very functional choice.

Volans Mid Century Modern Desk Chair

Best White Office Chair Without Wheels

While most office chairs come with 5 built in casters, sometimes you don’t want wheels. Whether you’re protecting a delicate floor or just prefer the feeling of a more stable chair that’s not moving around, this Volans desk chair is a stylish solution. It features white fabric for the seat and gold plated metal legs. While it doesn’t have wheels, it does still have a 360 degree swivel. Great for small home offices where your chair needs to do double duty as general home furnishing.

Flash Furniture White Desk Chair

Best White And Gold Desk Chair

What’s more stylish than white and gold? The Flash Furniture white leather office chair is modern and also one of the best in its class, with all of the great features you would expect from a premium office chair. It’s easy enough to put together, and you don’t need additional tools. Simply open the package, and you will be enjoying your chair in no time.

Additionally, it has excellent construction and can hold up to 250 pounds. It’s also simply classically beautiful and will complement your sophisticated office ideally.

Best No Wheels comfy home office chair with no wheels

Best Cute & Fluffy White Office Chair

If you’re looking for a cute white desk chair that will add some flair to your workspace, this Hi & Yeah comfy faux fur model is edgy and fun but also sturdy and comfortable enough for a full day of work. While the design is not as adjustable as some others on this list, it swivels a full 360-degrees, and you can adjust the seat height to fit your preferences. 

It’s best suited for home offices, or offices for creative professionals, as it’s not as businessy looking as some of the other models. But it’ll make the right person very happy to sit down to work.

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Buyers’ Guide


If you’re looking for an ergonomic desk chair you’ll want to make sure you can sit comfortably for long periods of time. This means you’ll want all the standard features: swivel chairs with caster wheels, a pneumatic seat height adjustment, a tilt mechanism, and good lumbar support that will keep you sitting pretty and encourage better posture.

For an office conference room, a variety of people will be sitting on the chairs for shorter periods of time so you can look for a more stylish chair that compliments your office decor. It should still be a comfortable chair and seat height adjustment or built-in lumbar support can still make a long meeting more bearable.


There are many different styles of materials used for desk chairs — the main challenge is finding the one that works best for you. Many desk chairs have a padded nylon base but you might prefer mesh office chairs for warm offices or anyone who works long hours and wants additional airflow. Memory foam Meanwhile, a white leather office chair is stylish, easy to clean, and looks great as a conference chair. If you’re concerned about cost or prefer a vegan option, faux leather is less expensive than real leather but offers many of the same benefits.


Chairs with arms can be supportive and relieve pressure on the upper body, arms, and hands. However, if the armrests are improperly adjusted they can lead to bad posture habits such as leaning to the side or shoulder shrugging. If you’re looking for an ergonomic desk chair for extended use, make sure the arms can be adjusted. Chairs with arms also take up more space for a crowded conference room you may prefer chairs with flip-up arms or an armless design.

Casters / Wheels

Casters, the small wheels at the bottom of most office chairs, have become standard as they allow mobility and various sitting positions. For stability, most modern office chairs have five casters. If you have a delicate floor (such as parquet, hardwood, fluffy carpet, etc), make sure to protect the floor with a chair mat as the casters can cause damage after extended use.


If you’re like most people and spend hours sitting on your computer chair, you’ll want a comfortable chair that can easily adjust to a range of positions. Ideally, you’ll want to be in an upright position most of the day, however, a tilt mechanism that allows you to lean back can offer added comfort. Other things to look for are seat height adjustment, good lumbar support, weight capacity, and a waterfall front edge that relieves pressure on the legs.


These frequently asked questions will give you some insight into how to care for your white office chair properly.

Do White Office Chairs Get Dirty?

Although they are endlessly stylish, white office chairs do tend to get dirtier than other chair colors. You can prevent debris and dirt from ruining your chair by simply following the rule that you don’t eat or drink at your desk.  

What Type of Chair Is Best For Office Work?

Generally speaking, ergonomic office chairs are best for office work because they support your lower back and lumbar. You should also get an adjustable chair with armrests that go up and down. If you’re using your office chair for other activities, like gaming, you might want to get one with a good cushion. 

What Type of Chair Is Best For Office Work?

Generally speaking, ergonomic office chairs are best for office work because they support your lower back and lumbar. You should also get an adjustable chair with armrests that go up and down. If you’re using your office chair for other activities, like gaming, you might want to get one with a good cushion. 

When Does a White Office Chair Work in Your Interior?

White offices are fashionable but white office chairs match almost any interior design — you will just want to think stylistically in terms of material. Faux fur office chairs might look great in a funky and fun home office but don’t work in a more corporate setting. Leather or faux leather can look professional and elevate your interior.

How Do You Clean a White Office Chair?

Some chairs you can just wipe down with a clean damp cloth, but others, you might need to wash. Generally, you can wash chairs with a bit of dish soap and water. Tough stains might require some white vinegar as well. Read the instructions on your chair for more details.