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10 Best Cubicle Accessories to Organize & Beautify Your Working Space

10 Best Cubicle Accessories to Organize & Beautify Your Working Space

Decorating and beautifying your cubicle in your busy working space or shared working space is an important part of making your day brighter. 

Organizer Hook
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for holding everyday items
Desk Calender
  • Can be used forever
  • Compact
  • Rustic
Hanging File Organizer
  • Easy to hang
  • Great fabric cubicle wall accessory
  • Available in different colors

The monotony of cubicle life can be draining. It can also be very stifling to those who like to express their individuality and have their own space.

Bringing in elements that showcase your individuality and serve functional purposes like organization is the perfect way to increase your love for your cubicle. 

minimalistic cubicle accessories

We have listed our top 10 picks for cubicle accessories available on Amazon. Of course, you can find them at other retailers, but Amazon has a very wide selection of items.

Read through our list for more information on the products and tips on how to improve your cubicle space. 

Our Top Picks for Cubicle Accessories

Below we have chosen our top 10 picks for wall accessories, organization tools, and more! 

mDesign Modern Metal Organizer Hook

Best Organizer Hook

When decorating a very small space like a cubicle, you will need some form of organization.

This hook can hold daily necessities like an umbrella, keys, scarf, hats, raincoats, etc. It comes in a set of two, stainless steel hooks, that fit right on the side of your cubicle. The perfect place to hold everyday items! 


  • Durable 
  • Easy to install 


  • Not as aesthetically pleasing to look at 

Wooden Perpetual Date Desk Calendar

Best Desk Calendar

This desk calendar is made of light-colored wood that goes with almost any design. It has an easy-to-read font with blocks that show the date.

It is only about 6 inches long and 3 inches high, so it won’t take up too much room on your desk. The best part is you can keep it forever because it is not year-specific!


  • Can be used forever 
  • Small size fits in any cubicle space


  • Very basic design 
  • Not always visible due to its size

mDesign Hanging Storage Organizer

Best Hanging File Organizer

This hanging file organizer is just over two feet long and fits right on the side of your cubicle attached with small, metal, non-damaging hooks.

The four fabric compartments hold documents and items up to 13 inches long. This specific organizer also comes in a few color schemes and prints so you can match your cubicle aesthetic


  • Great fabric cubicle wall accessory
  • Easy to hang 


  • Fabric holders are not very durable if too much is placed in them

Officemate Standard Cubicle Clips

Best Cubicle Clips

Cubicle clips, or cubicle hooks, are perfect for hanging light items like documents, photos, or lightweight posters on your cubicle wall.

These come with small pins on the back that adhere to the fabric wall and in a 24 pack of multi-colored clips. The pins are gentle enough that they will not damage the fabric and they are easily moveable. 


  • Easy to buy Amazon cubicle accessories 
  • Comes in many colors


  • Not available in neutral colors
  • Plastic construction 

Quartet Bulletin Board

Best Bulletin Board

A bulletin board is the quintessential office supply.

Bringing in a bulletin board into your cubicle is perfect if you like to have matters of importance like calendars and reminders laid out in front of you. This board is 30 inches by 18 inches and comes with a flexible mounting system perfect for mounting to a cubicle.  


  • Can see everything in one place
  • Colors match every office 


  • Could be too big for some spaces

Quartet Workstation Privacy Screen

Best Privacy Screen

If your workplace allows, these privacy screens are a game-changer for the professional who needs a separate space away from everyone else.

These screens are made of shatterproof, polycarbonate material and come in two lengths. The screen clamps onto the outside of the cubicle and has an easy slide-to-open system. 


  • Provides ultimate privacy 


  • Can be hard to install
  • Not approved by all employers

Magnetic Pushpin

Best Mounting Magnets

If you need an easy and non-damaging way to hang your items, this is a great choice! Mounting magnets allow you to hang lightweight items with easy-to-move magnetic push pins. These mounting magnets come in a set of 20. 


  • Easy to install 
  • Comes in a set of 20 


  • May not be strong enough to hold many papers 

Officemate Verticalmate Corner Shelf

Best Corner Shelf

Adding a corner shelf is the perfect addition if you want to bring some color into your cubicle without cluttering your desk.

Its size allows for a photo and perhaps a small succulent! It also has two small hooks if you’d like to hang things like office-related keys or other small items. It is easy to install with the included non-damaging hook and lock fastening pins. 


  • Good cubicle accessory for adding character
  • Can support the weight of a few small items


  • It could fall if you place too much weight on it
  • It may clutter up your space 


Best Desk Pad 

Desk pads are a great tool to help you keep your space clean and organized. With a desk pad, it helps break up the solid color of your desk and gives tools like keyboards, mouse pads, and the like a home.

It is also easy to clean which helps make your desk look more put together. It comes in three sizes and has plenty of color choices! 


  • Adds color to your cubicle 
  • Perfect cover for your desk 


  • May take up too much space depending on your desk size

BUZIO Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Best Water Bottle 

Staying hydrated is key to feeling energetic and awake at work. Keeping a bottle like this one with prompts to help you drink enough water throughout the day is a good way to get the hydration you need. Plus, it is thin enough to store right on your desk without taking up too much room! 


  • Very cute cubicle accessory 
  • Perfect for staying hydrated


  • Not as big as others like it on the market
  • Screw top can be an inconvenience 

Tips for Decorating, Organizing, and Beautifying Your Office Cubicle 

  • Decide on a design aesthetic 
  • Double-check the rules and regulations from your employer about decorating your cubicle 
  • Set a budget and stick to it! 
  • Create a mock design of what you want your cubicle to look like and buy pieces that fit this design mockup
  • Don’t be afraid to showcase your individuality, but don’t over-clutter your walls and desk space
  • Be sure that you are using non-damaging items, especially when hanging things
  • If you do not have sunlight nearby, buy faux plants and flowers so you will always have lively plants in your space

The Importance of Creating Privacy and Individuality in a Busy Working Space

Creating privacy and individuality within your workspace is crucial to your well-being and enjoyment of work.

woman working in her cubicle

Creating a more positive workspace within your cubicle has been proven to boost morale and productivity. Decorating it and beautifying it according to your tastes is a great way to make it feel more like home. 

Final Thoughts 

Bringing your style out through decor is one of the best ways to make any place that you spend significant time in, your own.

Adding style to your office space is a great way to make going to work something to look forward to rather than dread. Plus, you might find little pieces of happiness knowing that it is a well-organized reflection of you. 

We hope you find our list of the top 10 cubicle accessories to be an inspiration on your journey to a more positive workspace!