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Cute Desk Décor and Office Supplies To Add Joy to Your Desk (2023)

Cute Desk Décor and Office Supplies To Add Joy to Your Desk (2023)

When you think of office accessories you probably think of utilitarian gray staplers and beige file folders. But if you’re working at home, why have a boring desk?

There’s a whole world of cute office supplies that are also cute desk decor, and are as functional as they are adorable. They’ll add a touch of play and creativity to your desk and workday. We’ll show you right where to find the cutest desk decor and accessories.

Desk Decor Favourites

rifle paper company files desk decor

Rifle Paper Co File Folders

Looking for a step up from your boring beige file folders? Rifle Paper Co features the lush illustrations from the co-founder Anna Bond. Their entire catalog of stationery is teeming with a cute, lively aesthetic that can’t help but inspire your creativity.

Cat tape dispenser

Oh, Hello Friend Cat Tape Dispenser

Tape dispensers might seem like a ubiquitous utilitarian desk staple but stationery brand Oh, Hello Friend transforms it into playful desk decor with their cute wooden cat tape dispenser imported from Japan. Perfect for cat lovers and reducing your dependence on plastic tape holders.

pink mean girls pencils desk decor

Mean Girls Pencils

Want to add a bit of 90s snark to your desk decor? Mean Girls pencil set has you covered with all your favorite quotes from the cult classic. From “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” to “You Can’t Sit With Us” this is perfect for the 90s child in all of us.

Paper Source Pom Pen

Paper Source Pom Pen

More of a pen writer? Don’t feel left out. This cute pom-pom pen from Paper Source adds elegance and whimsy to your hand-written notes and style to your desk. The glam pen is always gold, the ink is always black, but the pom-pom comes in coral, turquoise and evergreen colors.

DuruNaru 18 Month Planner

DuruNaru 18 Month Planner

Korean stationery shop DuruNaru specializes in illustrated planners and calendars that will inspire and organize you. If you’re looking for a way to keep your work and personal life on track, you’ll love these lushly illustrated and thoughtfully designed planners.

Bando Ultimate Planner Pack

Bando Ultimate Planner Pack

Ready to level up your planner? Check out Bando’s Ultimate Planner pack fully equipped with all the essentials to up your planner game. With a handy zippered pouch, bookmark, stickers and more, it’s a planner’s best friend.


Poppin Super Stacked Desk Organizer

Poppin, based in New York City, has a great collection of cheerfully colored desk organizers and other accessories to match. If you want a place for everything and everything in its place (and also color-coordinated) check out this bundle of letter and accessory trays, pen cup, and pens. Adds a splash of joy to your desk decor.

sloth to do list desk decor

Boy Girl Party Sloth Do Not Want To-Do List

Let’s face it, we can invest in time planners and productivity workshops, but there’s always going to be some work tasks we just don’t want to do. Boy Girl Party’s solution? A Do Not Want To-Do memo pad complete with a cute illustrated sloth. For all those tasks you need to do…but just don’t want to.