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9 Desk Cabinets to Keep Your Work Space Neat and Tidy

Whether you’re working from home or going into the office, a versatile desk cabinet is a great addition to your workstation. While most filing cabinets are clunky and take up valuable space, there are many under the desk cabinets that are compact to keep your office area neat and contained. 

Don’t despair if you’re struggling to stay organized in a small cubicle. Now more than ever, there is a wide array of great options for hidden desk cabinets. They each have different features for all of your unique needs. 

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Read on to find out which desk cabinet is the best for you. 

Our Top Picks for Desk Cabinets 

Here are the best desk cabinets on the market right now, organized by features. 

CuHome 2-Drawer Mobile Filing Cabinet with Lock and Casters, Fully Assembled, Vertical File Metal Cabinet for Home Office, Small Filing Cabinet Under Desk

1. Best Hideaway Desk Cabinet*

The CU Home 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet is a perfect fit for under your desk. It’s short and compact but doesn’t compromise function in the process of saving space. It’s so small, your coworkers won’t even know it’s there! 

The CU Home smoothly rolls into the perfect place and stays there with brake-locking wheels. This desk cabinet’s drawers fully extend for fast, hassle-free use. It’s fitted with locks for privacy and even has a slot on top so others can drop off files without invading your personal space. 

These features make it perfect for the office or collaborative workspace. It is on the small side, so if you have a lot of paperwork to file, you may need to keep looking. 

Monarch Specialties Computer Desk with File Cabinet - Left or Right Set- Up - 48 L (Brown Reclaimed Wood Look)

2. Best Combination Desk Cabinet*

The Monarch Specialties Computer Desk With File Cabinet is a lovely little cabinet desk combo that’s perfect for those in the market for both pieces. It’s small, stylish, and sturdy. It comes in four different reclaimed wood colors that will fit your room’s aesthetic seamlessly. 

This desk cabinet has three drawers, two for storage and one for filing. Each rests on metal glides for smooth use. There’s a surprising amount of space in this cabinet considering you’re getting a desk space in the same package. 

This combination desk cabinet is a modern-looking space saver, which makes it perfect for a bedroom or dorm. 

DEVAISE 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet, Mobile Lateral Filing Cabinet, Printer Stand with Open Storage Shelves for Home Office, Black

3. Best Multifunctional Desk Cabinet*

The Devaise 3-Drawer Wood Filing Cabinet features open storage spaces, file drawers, and a storage cabinet designed to keep your documents organized. This versatility makes it a great space to keep printers, scanners, and binders in addition to the usual filing space. 

While it has a multitude of great perks (such as the adjustable shelves and easy-pull handles,) it is still small enough to fit under most desks. However, it may be best to keep this beside your work surface instead so you can maximize all of the functions of this desk cabinet. 

It even has 360-degree swivel casters for easy maneuvering. 

Winsome Halifax Storage Organization, 5 drawer, White

4. Best Organizer Desk Cabinet* 

The Halifax 5-Drawer White Cart is a simple yet spiffy multi-use organizer. Its five spacious drawers are great for people with a lot of supplies to keep track of, such as teachers. 

It’s small enough to fit under your desk and doesn’t take up too much of your office or classroom. You can keep the wheels on the cart if you plan to move it around, or take them off if you’d rather it be stationary. 

This is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture on our list. Its cut-out drawer pulls are easy for hands of all sizes to manipulate, which is why we highly recommend it for classrooms. 

3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet with Lock Under Desk Office Drawers Metal Locking Filing Cabinet for Legal Letter Files Anti-tilt Design Office Rolling File Cabinet Fully Assembled (Orange)

5. Best Lockable Desk Cabinet*

The INVIE 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet with Lock has incredible storage and a top-notch locking system. With one turn on the foldable key, you can lock all three drawers. You don’t have to worry about painstakingly securing every single one before you leave the office. 

This hidden desk cabinet has smooth, rounded edges and comes in five different colors. It’s the perfect fit for a start-up or a lively home office. It has five lockable wheels, one of which is anti-tipping. 

All in all, you can’t go wrong with this piece. 

Bonnlo White Rolling Office File Cabinet Under Desk Filing Storage Cabinet, Fully Assembled Except Wheels

6. Best Mobile Desk Cabinet* 

The Bonnolo Rolling Office File Cabinet is by far the easiest on our list to move around your space. It’s small and compact, yet sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. 

Not only does it have five wheels (including an anti-tipping one on the bottom drawer,)  but it also features a lock similar to that of the INVIE. Just one turn of the key and all three of your spacious drawers are secure

With two lockable wheels and safe rounded corners, this mobile desk cabinet is perfect for you if your kids make frequent appearances in your office. 

JS 3 Drawer Rolling Wood File Cabinet with Locking Wheels, Home Office Portable Vertical Mobile Wooden Storage Filing Cabinet for A4 or Letter Size, Brown

7. Best Desk Cabinet With Drawers*

The JJS 3 Drawer Rolling Wood Filing Cabinet has three delightfully spacious drawers for maximum under the desk storage. They’re smooth and easy to pull out, so your cabinet is convenient to use even if it’s stashed under your desk. 

This desk cabinet is made of high-quality materials. It won’t break down under the weight of your heavy and important files. This comes in three color combinations and will fit in beautifully in any home or office. 

DEVAISE 3-Drawer Slim Vertical File Cabinet, Fully Assembled Except Casters, Legal Letter Size, White

8. Best Under Desk Cabinet* 

The DEVAISE 3-Drawer Slim Vertical File Cabinet packs a lot into a small, easily concealable package. This desk cabinet is the best choice for storing under your desk because of its fully extending drawers. You’ll never have to worry about a file getting stuck at the back out of your reach. 

This cabinet also has top-notch mobility with five wheels and great security with a three-drawer interlock system. All in all, it’s a solid buy. 

Storex Single Drawer Mini File Cabinet with Lock, Legal Letter, 18.25 x 14.75 x 12.75 Inches, Black (STX61260B01C)

9. Best Mini Desk Cabinet*

The Storex Single Drawer Mini File Cabinet with Lock is a perfect hidden desk cabinet and our top choice for the mini variety. It’s small and lightweight, but durable and sturdy. 

If your work takes you on the road, this is the desk cabinet for you. It’s moisture and rust-resistant, it locks, and it’s easy to maneuver. This makes it perfect for transporting important documents. 

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