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19 Best Desk Decorations for Work – Professional & Aesthetic

19 Best Desk Decorations for Work – Professional & Aesthetic

Desk decorations are often a large part of office culture. They liven up the space where you spend 40+ hours a week and bring uniqueness to your desk.

You can find desk decorations that aren’t expensive and showcase your professional personality online and in stores.

Take a look at our top picks for the best desk decorations for work, so you can make your office space stand out just a little bit more. 

Desk Decorations for Work: Our Top Picks 

Not sure where to get started when it comes to desk decorations? We’ve got you covered with some of the best items to bring your desk to life. 

Desk Plants 

Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot

Best Desk Plant to Place Around Your Office

This desk plant set comes with three 2.5-inch ceramic pots holding various succulents. They are also adorned with blue paint accents so you can arrange them in different spots and heights around your office. 

2.7inch Ceramic Succulent Planter

Best Desk Plant to Place on Your Desk

If you would prefer a plant that is better suited for sitting on your desk, then this might be the plant for you! This is a 2.7-inch plant holder with three tiers of plants in one pot. It is solid white and can match just about any color scheme. 

Desk Lamps 

Mubarek LED Desk Lamp

Best for Multipurpose

Depending on the size of your desk, you might need a lamp that doubles as a storage compartment. The gooseneck Murabek LED lamp is perfect for this.

With its soft LED light and two storage compartments, it can provide light and hold all of your pens and pencils in an easy-to-reach spot. There is a phone holder with a USB port on this lamp as well. 

Architect LED Desk Lamp

Best for Style

If you are looking for a modern lamp, look no further. This Architect LED desk lamp has a large swinging arm and dimmable lights.

It turns on and off with the swipe of your hand due to its non-touch design. 


Ottimo Premium Polished Stone Bookends

Best for Aesthetic

These small, but sturdy geometric bookends are perfect if you want to match the popular clean, gold, and geometric aesthetic.

They’re best for lightweight books, but no matter what you place between them, they’ll serve as an interesting conversation piece when your co-workers stop by. 

Minimalist Bookends

Best for Holding Many Books

These handcrafted minimalist bookends weigh a combined total of 6.6 pounds. They are sturdy and can hold many books between them, so these are ideal if you have a lot of books that you’d like to keep out on your desk. 

TILISMA Handmade Wooden Book Ends

Best for Rustic Decor

Rustic decor has become popular in the home design industry, so there’s no reason it can’t cross over into “office chic’, too! These wooden bookends achieve that rustic look while also keeping their functionality.

They aren’t as heavy as traditional wood bookends, but they still have a sturdy design. Their metal feet hold the books in place. 

Pencil Holder 

MaxGear Pen Holder

Best for Rustic Decor

If you like adhering to the rustic decor aesthetic, this pencil holder might be for you. The walnut-colored wood is professional-looking and unisex in style. It has a non-slip base which is perfect for keeping a small desk area clean. 

Best Geometric Pencil Holder

This pencil holder matches the clean, gold, and white aesthetic you’ll typically find in a more modern office setting.

It comes in white & black version. It weighs about a half-pound, so it is not bulky and won’t take up too much space. 

Business Card Holder 

Business Card Holder

Best Wooden Business Card Holder

If you want to keep to a lowkey theme in your office desk decor items, the wooden business card holders are classic pieces you need for your desk. They come in various designs that are both functional and understated. 

Hipiwe Glass Business Card Holder Stand

Best Metal Business Card Holder

Metal business card holders are chic and perfect for that clean aesthetic many people strive for. In this holder, you can see the business card face and it can accommodate small and large business cards alike. 

Desk Calendar

Wooden Hexagon Calender

Best Hexagonal Desk Calendar

A desk calendar is crucial for keeping your work and mind organized. However, you don’t always have space for a big calendar that takes up a lot of your precious desk space.

This hexagonal desk calendar is perfect for an aesthetic with its geometric shape and light coloring.

Wooden Perpetual Date Desk Calendar

Best Clean Desk Calendar

If you prefer a more straightforward-looking desk calendar, this wooden block perpetual calendar might be for you.

It is an understated color that goes with many color schemes and is great for a lot of desk decor styles. It is easy to read and set. 

Desk Organizer

Blu Monaco Rose Gold Desk Organizer

Best Wire Organizer

A wire organizer is always a good idea to keep your files in order! This one is a cute pink color that will add color to your otherwise bland office. They are also stackable. 

MultiBey Gold Paper Clips

Best Paper Clip Organizer

Another organizational tool that is necessary for any professional with a desk is a paperclip organizer.

This one is far more unique and visually appealing than your average black holder, but still has enough room to hold a lot of paper clips and a magnetic strip to keep the paper clips contained. 

Vlando Office Desk Organizer Leather

Best Multipurpose Organizer

Leather organizers are classic pieces of decor. This multipurpose organizer is great for minimizing clutter and adding style to your desk. It has plenty of compartments for storage of any kind and goes beyond the “basic business black” color scheme. 

Desk Organizer Files 

Geiornzer 3 Slots Letter Holder

Best Wire Organizer for Files

This is a great file organizer because it can hold various types of papers in different sizes. It can hold standard mail, notebooks, standard paper files, and more. Its gold color is perfect if you’re going for a modern aesthetic. 

Triangle Bookshelf Decor Home Office

Best Triangle Organizer for Files

This organizer comes in a chic black color and a pack of two. The triangular shape is good for holding the middle of papers intact so you don’t risk any papers becoming deformed. Plus, it adds a little style. 



Best Desk Globe

Desk globes are popular decorations for offices, whether you’re a travel enthusiast or you just want a unique focal piece to tie your office space together.

This is a great globe to set on your desk or shelf because it is a mini globe and will not take up room on your desk. It’s a neutral color and will go with just about everything.

How to Decorate Your Work Desk Aesthetically 

Even when you have the best decorations for work at your fingertips, how can you make sure you’re putting your office space together in an aesthetically pleasing way? Let’s cover a few decorating and design tips. 

  • Decide what desk decor aesthetic you want to adhere to. 
  • Research the hallmarks of that design aesthetic.
  • Set a budget and stick to it. 
  • Look at all of your options online before deciding to buy – following our recommendations on this list is a good start! 
  • Map out where you will put the decorations before buying, so you know there is a place for everything and you won’t end up cluttering your space. 
  • Don’t forget about practicality and organization.

How to Decorate Your Work Desk Like A Professional

There’s no reason your work desk can’t be fashionable, functional, and professional. Once you have a design in mind, consider how you can let your personality shine through while maintaining the proper tone for the workplace

aesthetic workspace

Be sure to follow any office rules and necessary protocols when decorating. Don’t bring in any decorations with crude language or other signage that could be offensive to certain groups. If you need inspiration, there are plenty of images and boards online that can give you ideas!

Final Thoughts 

Decorating your desk is a fun way to bring a bit of your personality into the office. Do your research before buying, and you won’t go wrong. Be smart about the room you have on your desk to decorate so you don’t over clutter and get distracted.

Most importantly – have fun with it! Add some personal touches to make your office more home-like and specific to you. It’ll make your work experience more enjoyable every day.