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10 Best Desk Pads For Professionals (2023)

10 Best Desk Pads For Professionals (2023)

Desk pads were more common in the workspace when folks did more handwriting. Now, they function more as a mouse pad replacement than a writing aid. 

Choosing a desk mat can lend style and function to any workspace. Let’s explore how these mats help productivity and the best ones for different purposes.

Our Top Picks for Desk Pads

To save time in your search, here’s a list of our top picks. 

Best Overall Desk Pad

The Aothia Leather Desk Pad Protector fits the bill for what most people want in a faux leather office desk pad. 

This faux leather office desk pad is large enough to fit most office workspaces and uses cork to prevent slippage. 

PROS: Sixteen stylish colors and well-built

CONS: Slips on some surfaces

  • Value: Excellent value for the price
  • Features: Not slippery, waterproof, one-year warranty
  • Sizes: Three sizes

Best Microweave Cloth Desk Pad

The cloth KTRIO Large Gaming Mouse Pad offers features similar to other desk pad options without leather or woolen felt. 

The stitching prevents fraying for longevity. 

PROS: Easy-glide, durable, and comfortable

CONS: Only in shades of black

  • Value: Excellent quality for price
  • Features: Non-slip, airtight, and no-fray design 
  • Sizes: Four sizes

Best Leather Desk Pad

The Yikda Leather Mouse Pad is a thin, leather desk pad with a microfiber bottom. 

This leather desk pad stands out because its microfiber construction prevents mouse slippage and increases durability. 

PROS: 17 colors and durable 

CONS: Thin, so might need a wrist rest

  • Value: Extremely great deal for leather
  • Features: Leather, waterproof, polished
  • Sizes: Three sizes

Budget Leather Desk Pad

The YSAGI Non-Slip Desk Pad also offers a slip-free leather surface without the premium price of other leather pads. 

Colorful leather can make a classy mouse pad replacement to improve your workspace. 

PROS: Resists damage and looks amazing

CONS: Not smooth enough for every mouse 

  • Value: One of the best leather deals
  • Features: Waterproof, oil-proof, heat-proof, durable
  • Sizes: Three sizes

Best Premium Desk Pad

The IKEA RISSLA Desk Pad is a fancier desk-adornment choice and our only metal option. 

The polyurethane mat offers a classier look and comes with a flap on the left side to hold documents or writing utensils in place. 

PROS: Non-corrosive, damage-repellent surface, matches GALANT series

CONS: One size, may peel

  • Value: Overpriced
  • Features: Tough metal surface, cloth backing 
  • Sizes: One size

Best Wool Felt Desk Pad

The woolen Dwantrees Large Felt Desk Pad solves skidding and bunching issues by changing how the felt is woven–similar to a Merino wool felt material. 

This desk mat is larger than average, making it a great desk mat for people with a large desk. 

PROS: Anti-skid, smooth-glide surface

CONS: Rough edges, doesn’t lie flat, sheds

  • Value: Great price for size
  • Features: Not slippery, portable, flexible
  • Sizes: Two sizes

Best Patterned Desk Pad

The French KOKO Large Mouse Pad gives you a way to express your personality with almost two dozen pattern choices. 

Since it’s a standard size, you won’t sacrifice functionality for fun!

PROS: Fun patterns, matches other FrenchKoko office products, easy to clean

CONS: Metallics not as pictured

  • Value: Somewhat overpriced
  • Features: Rubber, non-slip surface
  • Sizes: One size

Best Desk Pad for Creative Folks

The patterns on the Haocoo Desk Pad are perfect inspirations for creative types.

It comes in a range of watercolor scenes to match your personality and help fuel your creativity. 

PROS: Pretty patterns, glossy surface

CONS: Not very thick, blurry images, bad for Apple mouse

  • Value: Somewhat overpriced
  • Features: Anti-slip, water-resistant, fray-resistant
  • Sizes: Two sizes

Best Desk Pad for the Office

The Logitech Desk Mat is a no-nonsense item that’s just big enough to fit a keyboard and mouse. 

The product’s rubber material isn’t the best, but it will get the job done and is easy to order in bulk for an office floor. 

PROS: High quality and pairs well with Logitech POP mouse and mechanical POP keys

CONS: Only comes in three pastel colors and one size

  • Value: Good price for the quality
  • Features: Anti-slip, spill-resistant
  • Sizes: One size

Best Desk Pad To Replace a Mouse Pad

The colorful Canjoy Gaming Mouse Pad is especially designed for quick mouse movements. 

While it might not be the best choice for a stuffy space with its bright colors, it’s perfect in a casual space where the bright colors and slip-resistant fabric will work their magic. 

PROS: Excellent surface for gaming mouse movements, durable

CONS: Not as vibrant as pictured, smells strange

  • Value: Excellent product for price
  • Features: Easily cleanable materials, glossy surface, durable
  • Sizes: One size

Here’s Why You Need a Desk Mat

Now that we’ve laid out the best desk pads, let’s discuss why you might want one. 

Benefits of Using a Desk Mat

In addition to ergonomic benefits, desk mats have some unique benefits, including: 

  • Protecting your desk against scratches and spills
  • Providing a mouse movement surface
  • Protecting wrists
  • Providing character and style for a clear desk

What To Look for In a Desk Mat

To ensure a mat will do what you need, keep an eye out for certain words or features when you read product descriptions.

black desk pad

Here’s what we recommend you look for when shopping for a desktop mat: 

  • The right size for the job – 35 inch by 12 inch works for most workspaces 
  • Resists slips and spills to protect your desk from accidents
  • Organizational tools like document flaps or pen holders
  • Patterns or colors that match your workspace and personality

Final Thoughts

While we certainly have our recommendations about what mouse pad replacement to get for your desktop, the main goal of these products is to improve your comfort and productivity.

After all, fighting your mouse and keyboard because they slip around will do more harm than good! We recommend you check out these luxurious products for yourself and see if they fit your needs.

Every professional is different, so you’ll know the specifics of what you need the best!