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9 Best Double Desks For Your Home Office

9 Best Double Desks For Your Home Office

Working from home is the new 9 to 5. Whether you began working from home out of necessity or because you merely wanted to, remote work is the way of the future. 

double desk home office set up of an entrepreneur

Creating a space at home that keeps you focused is essential for productivity. But things can quickly get overcrowded. 

Double desks are space savers that give you plenty of room to work without decreasing motivation. Below are tips and product suggestions for the perfect double desk home office setup. 

Our Top Picks for a Double Desk

Ready to take the double desk plunge? Read on for our top picks! 

Bestier L Shaped Desk

Best for Variety – Bestier L-Shaped Desk

Can’t make up your mind? This desk has you covered. Available in seven colors, the Bestier desk works for almost everyone. 

You can set the desk up in an L-shape, length-wise, or L-shaped with the storage shelves in different locations. Either way, your productivity will increase, and you will have plenty of privacy with this 2-person desk.

DlandHome Double Computer Storage Desk

Best for Minimalists – DlandHome Double Desk

If you want a desk that goes with all decor styles, the DlandHome desk is for you. With a small cubby underneath the table for storage, you can have everything in one place.

This desk is 78 inches long and holds two computer monitors comfortably. Your computer sits in the designated space underneath the desk, and any extra room is handy for keeping office supplies. 

Best for Elbow Room – Tribesigns Two-Person Desk

Some of us need a little extra space while we work, and if that is the case for your remote work situation, the Tribesigns desk may be your best bet. 

This desk is notably efficient for writers, as you have room for your computer or laptop and handwritten notes or books. The storage shelves are a great touch as well! 

Soges 2 Person Desk

Best for Coworkers – Soges Two-Person Desk

Do you and your partner happen to be coworkers? This Soges desk is ideal for two people that work together. The sides are close – so it may not be suited for those that need tons of room. 

The sides being close in proximity makes for quick communication, but there is a divide in the middle for some separation. This desk will also work in a home office for two in a small space.

Tribesigns Two Person Desk with Bookshelf

Best for Storage – Tribesigns Two-Person Desk With Shelf

Another side-by-side desk, this Tribesigns option is perfect for filing. The shelf underneath the table allows easy access but does not leave your things out in the open. It is also a great place to store binders or other documents.

Whether you are an academic or you want a private place to store your work, this desk is a terrific space-saving pick.

TIYASE 78.7 inch Double Computer Desk

Best for Creativity – TIYASE Double Desk

Complete with a writing hutch, raised top shelf, and storage underneath, the TIYASE double desk is perfect for creative careers. Use the board for drawing or writing, and keep your desktop on the top shelf for maximum comfort.

Creating your best work will be a breeze with this desk – and you can even use it as a standing desk if you want more activity throughout your workday. 

Tribesigns 94.5 Inch Two Person Desk

Best for Large Offices – Tribesigns 94.5-Inch Double Desk

Fill up a room with this double desk! If you happen to be lucky enough to have substantial space, this desk is gorgeous. The rounded barrier in the middle keeps workspaces separate but allows some connection. 

This desk is 94.5 inches long to fit everything you need. Office supplies, phones, and other necessities store easily on top or below the barrier.

HOMCOM 88 Extra Long 2-Person Computer Desk

Best for Privacy – HOMCOM Double Desk

This 2-person workstation desk is for those that need zero distractions. Offering a bookshelf that divides the two sides and an 88-inch length, your focus will be on point. 

If you work with confidential information – or want to keep your work private, this desk is a dream. Everyone from lawyers to graphic designers will love the storage space.

Best for Gaming – Tribesigns Gaming Double Desk

Gaming is not just a hobby anymore! Many people play video games for a living or help develop them. This setup not only looks professional but allows your desktop and its accompaniments to have space. 

The raised shelf is great for gamers, as you can place any notebooks or other devices on the base level. It also has headphone hooks and cord storage.

How to Create a Shared Home Office

A shared office space may sound like a cluttered mess, but making the area comfortable and functional is feasible. 

Before you start moving furniture, consider: 

  • Styling the space
  • Lighting
  • If you need to be able to see one another
  • Separation/lack thereof

Remember that simply because this is an office space does not mean you cannot decorate it! This room is still inside your home, and you want it to mesh with your decor

The quickest way to get started is to designate items to specific areas. We recommend putting copiers and printers in one corner. Then, place copy paper or supplies nearby for quick refills.

Other ideas are a break area with a coffee maker, stylish storage, and seating when you need time away from your desk. 

How to Arrange Two Desks in a Home Office

There are endless ways to organize your desks. First, contemplate whether you want to face one another or if you want your desks on opposite sides. 

We suggest taking your level of distractibility into account – if you are easily distracted, you may want to have more private space.

Arranging Two Separate Desks 

If you want to keep the desks you have, simply arranging them in a new way can make a huge difference. 

Some ideas for how to arrange them are: 

  • Facing one another
  • Desks in opposite corners
  • Facing one another diagonally
  • Desks face the front of the room

There is a lot of freedom here, and we think you should have fun with it – you can always change the setup later! 

Two-Person Desk

A double-desk is practical for those with little space. Most two-person desks are long and straight, but some are L-shaped. 

Arranging a two-person desk is simultaneously straightforward and more challenging than separate desks. You only have to move one piece of furniture, but it is bulkier, and you cannot drastically change its location. 

Two-person desks look best against walls or windows, but they work in the middle of some small spaces, too. 

Pros & Cons of a Two-Person Desk

Two-person desks work for most, but they may not work for everyone. The pros of a two-person desk are that it saves space, and money and allows communication between yourself and your partner. 

The cons of a double desk are a lack of personal space, clutter, and a higher chance of distraction. It can also be challenging to find a double desk home office with drawers, so keep that in mind.

Final Thoughts

Creating a home office for two people is not as challenging as it seems. With some willpower and creativity, you can make the perfect setup. 

Remote work is not going anywhere – so why not make it as stylish and functional as you can?