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How to Raise an eBay Feedback Revision Request

How to Raise an eBay Feedback Revision Request

Almost every seller on eBay knows how frustrating it can be to receive negative feedback.

As a seller, your reputation is paramount to you, and you don’t want negative feedback getting in the way of your sales. 

How Can Negative Feedback on eBay Affect Sellers?

When a buyer leaves you positive feedback on eBay, your feedback score goes up by one, helping your items get added to the watchlist. For neutral feedback, your score is not affected. As for negative feedback, your score goes down by one. 

Multiple buyers giving a seller negative feedback can significantly drop their rating. However, the degree to which negative feedback will affect the seller depends on how much positive feedback they receive as well. 

stressed ebay seller

If a seller has an abundance of positive feedback and only a few negative, a buyer leaving a bad review will affect them much less than it would affect a seller who does not have much feedback in general.

Regardless, as a seller, the feedback you receive will contribute to your reputation on eBay, and you don’t want prospective buyers to disregard you because of your negative feedback. Slow sales can be detrimental to a business. 

Can eBay Feedback Be Revised?

The good news is you can revise eBay feedback! If you are a seller on eBay and a buyer leaves negative feedback, you can request a feedback revision. This step is where you send your buyer a feedback revision request, and eBay sends your buyer the details. 

Now, your buyer has ten days to either accept the feedback revision request and revise their negative feedback or to decline the request. If the buyer does not respond within ten days, your feedback revision request to the buyer will expire.

Seller checking negative ebay feedbacks

The eBay feedback revision request limit for sellers is that they cannot request more than five feedback revisions per 1,000 feedback within 12 consecutive months.

If a seller receives more than 1,000 feedback reviews per year, the seller can make additional requests. 

Additionally, the feedback you request to be revised must be less than 30 days old. After that period, the eBay feedback revision requested will be expired. 

How to Send a Feedback Revision Request on eBay

You can find the Request Feedback Revision link and page on the Feedback Forum or your feedback profile. Once you reach this page, choose which eligible feedback you are requesting to be revised from the list. 

Fill out the reason you are requesting a revision for the feedback and provide any additional information the buyer might need to revise their feedback. Then hit send!

How to Successfully Ask a Buyer to Revise Negative Feedback

The first step of successfully getting a buyer’s negative feedback revised is to evaluate why the customer gave the negative feedback to you in the first place.

If the buyer left negative feedback because of a specific issue, make sure the problem has been remedied before asking them for a feedback revision. 

If it appears that the buyer has made an error in their feedback, such as if their comment is positive, but the rating they gave you is negative, this will change your approach as well.

seller typing feedback request

The next step is to directly ask the buyer to revise their feedback. As a seller, you only get five feedback revision requests per year, so you don’t want to waste a revision request on a buyer who is just going to decline the request anyway. 

When you ask your buyer to revise negative feedback, make sure to be cordial throughout the interaction. If their negative feedback was due to an issue, let them know that you have since resolved the issue.

Here’s an eBay feedback request template for you to use:

Hello [Buyer’s Name],

I appreciate you working with me to resolve the issues you experienced during our transaction! I apologize greatly for any inconvenience this caused you. However, since we [list the actions you took to fix the issue], I hope you might reconsider your negative feedback. 

Thank you for your time,

[Your Name]

Once your buyer has agreed to revise their negative feedback, you have the green light to send over your feedback revision request!

eBay Feedback Removal Requests

What can you do if a buyer leaves unfair negative feedback and won’t revise it? You can request feedback removal on eBay. It’s a good idea to try, as eBay can suspend your account for multiple negative reviews. 

If you are an eBay seller, you can use the seller reporting hub to report a problem with a buyer’s feedback. Some instances covered by the eBay feedback removal policy include:

  • A buyer gives negative feedback but has not paid for their items.
  • A buyer provides negative feedback that violates eBay policies, such as vulgar or abusive content.
  • The seller can prove a buyer’s attempts to extort them, such as promising positive feedback in exchange for a discount.

Responding to Negative Buyer Feedback on eBay 

If the buyer rejects your revision request and eBay won’t remove the negative feedback, you can still handle the negative feedback in a way that will salvage your reputation. 

Always respond to negative feedback. Acknowledge the buyer’s complaints and detail how you have tried to resolve the issue with them. 

This way, prospective buyers will know that you care about your customers’ concerns and that you are active in trying to resolve any issues that arise during your transactions with them.

Note the item number for the item being reviewed and what happened for your records to avoid the situation in the future. 

Final Thoughts

Receiving negative buyer feedback as a seller can be difficult, but there are ways to soften the blow. Making money online is still possible.  

You can make a feedback revision request for any negative reviews. Just make sure you have revision requests left to use and that the negative feedback in question is less than 30 days old. You can also make a feedback removal request by reporting a problem with the buyer’s feedback in the seller reporting hub.

Respond to negative feedback. If you can’t get the negative feedback removed or revised, you can still reply to it and show prospective buyers that resolving customers’ issues is of the utmost importance to you.

Last, remember that receiving one negative feedback won’t ruin your whole reputation. As long as receiving positive feedback is significantly greater in quantity and frequency, you’ll be just fine.