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Where to Find the eBay Item Number

Where to Find the eBay Item Number

Knowing the eBay item number is critical whenever you need to discuss a listing or transaction on eBay. We help you find it and understand what it is, and why you might need it.

What is an eBay Item Number?

eBay automatically generates an item number when listings are submitted, and buyers can see them on live listings. Item numbers are searchable and used for sales, tracking, and reviews.

Where is the eBay item number?

You can find the item number on the item’s listing or if you’re watching, bidding, buying, or selling the item, it will also appear in My eBay.

If you’re on the item listing page, the item number is pretty easy to find — look at the lower right side of the header/upper right of the description and there’s a label that will look like:

eBay item number: 878921901507

Finding the eBay item number in My eBay is slightly more involved but also not that complicated.

1. On the right-hand side of your My eBay page, click the way you’re currently interacting with the listing (for example “Watch” if you’re watching the item.)

3. The item numbers will appear left of the listing title in the displayed list.

Where are Item Numbers on Sold Products?

As a seller, the item number become increasingly important as a way to confirm that payment and shipment are correct.

You can do this under My eBay and click the Sold link (in the “Sell” section to the left).