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Farmhouse Office Decor: Top Picks for Country Chic

An office doesn’t have to be cold and formal to be an effective workplace. In fact, a warm and comfortable workspace can make for an office that’s relaxing as well as efficient.  

Country farmhouse decor, the same simplistic, rustic style that’s often seen in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, can also make an office space feel comfortable, clean, and relaxing. Country farmhouse decor and its newer cousin, country chic, is popular on HGTV shows and with top designers.  

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farmhouse office

Farmhouse style doesn’t lack sophistication. Vintage-style elegance, simplicity, and charm are what this decor style is about.  

Warm woods, lighter shades, natural light, and a minimalist, clean vibe can make an office inviting and less stressful, whether it’s in an office building or at home. Even accent items with a farmhouse decor style displayed on desktops and bookcases can convey the warmth and charm of farmhouse office decor.  

Outfitting Your Farmhouse Home Office  

The work-at-home movement started way before 2020. Many women have found working at home to be more productive as well as less stressful. Those who enjoy working at home say they get more done and have a greater balance of work and life.  

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

Getting a true farmhouse look for your home office is more than just hanging a rustic office sign or farmhouse office sign. Having a farmhouse look in furnishings such as bookshelves, a desk, and accent lighting will give your home office a designer farmhouse look that you’ll enjoy each workday.  

Farmhouse office decor has clean lines, neatness, and a relaxing charm. If the rest of your home has elements of farmhouse decor, then let your home office reflect farmhouse style, too.   

Here are ideas for using farmhouse style to make your office space more functional as well as prettier. With these additions, working in your office will be a pleasure.   

Our Top Picks for Planner Pads  

planner pad

One of the best and least expensive ways to add country farmhouse design to your office is with planners. We recommend these choices for planner pads that will keep all your projects on track.  

Best Productivity Planners  

We like the trend of bullet journaling, or BuJo, as a way of getting more done in a workday. Here are some BuJo productivity planners we swear by.  

Best Calendars  

Looking ahead a month at a time from a wall calendar is essential. Do it in style with these options.  

DesignOvation Beatrice Framed Magnetic Chalkboard Monthly Calendar

Framed Magnetic Wall Calendar  

A warm-toned wooden frame and blackboard surface give this farmhouse-style calendar high marks for form as well as function.   

Small Desk Calendar 2021 Perpetual-Standing Academic Desk Calendar

Desktop Perpetual Calendar  

This metal perpetual calendar adds farmhouse style with function to your farmhouse desk or bookshelf.  

Farmhouse Office Wall Décor  

Modern farmhouse office wall decor should make your space more relaxing, warm, and welcoming. Worksion has more ideas for setting the style of your office space with wall décor.  

Tops in Farmhouse Office Organization  

Keeping a minimalist look to your office will keep your workspace neat and all your important papers at your fingertips. We love these organizer options.  

3 Pocket Wall File Holder Finish

Three-pocket Wall Organizer  

This mesh pewter-toned wall organizer will hold mail, papers, office supplies, and more, keeping your desktop clean. Don’t let the farmhouse label fool you. This organizer will work well in a sleek high-tech décor, too.  

Spectrum Diversified Vintage File & Letter Holder

Wall-mounted Mail Organizer  

Coordinating with other farmhouse organizers is this wall-mounted mail organizer with room for even large envelopes and magazines.  

mDesign 3 Tier Vertical Standing Home Office Shelving Unit

Trio of Metal Baskets  

These metal baskets are tops in farmhouse office organizations. Notepads, folders, pens, and other office supplies can be neatly corralled in this farmhouse-style organizer.  

More Farmhouse Office Décor Choices  

Larger pieces, such as a desk or bookshelves, can add instant farmhouse style to your office. Here are several Worksion-approved choices.  

Bush Furniture Key West 60W L Shaped Desk in Washed Gray

Best Farmhouse Office Desk  

This light grey wooden farmhouse-style desk has clean, elegant lines that lend a relaxed look to a farmhouse home office. While you’re at it, add desk cabinets for plenty of storage. Keep desktop clutter to a minimum by following these desk setup ideas.  

KERMS Home Office Chair

Farmhouse Seating  

This retro-style office desk fits in with farmhouse design sensibilities while giving your back support while you work.   

STURDIS Solid Wood Black Metal Industrial Bookshelf

Farmhouse Bookshelves  

Warm wood and metal combine in bookshelves that are at home in a country farmhouse home office.   

CLAXY Wooden Pendant Light

Accent Lighting  

This distressed wood chandelier-style light adds farmhouse charm and a feminine touch to a farmhouse home office.  

CO-Z Rustic Desk Lamp

Vintage-look Desk Lamp  

Farmhouse office décor is all about vintage looks, and this desk lamp will light the way.  

Burlap Letter Board

Farmhouse Office Wall Décor  

This burlap letter board with a warm-toned wood frame can spell out farmhouse style while showing anything from a motivational quote to the WIFI password.  

Dimmable Floor Lamp

Dimmable Floor Lamp  

Does your farmhouse home office have a dark corner? Lighten it up with this vintage-style metal floor lamp.   

Working with Farmhouse Style  

Working from home shouldn’t mean working from a laptop at a coffee table. Giving your career respect means setting up a dedicated office space in your home with the farmhouse style you enjoy in the rest of your home.   

Adding a quality farmhouse style with clean lines, vintage-style lighting, and organization to give your office a neat, minimalist look will start you on your way. Make sure you have a comfortable office chair that coordinates, as well as bookshelves and cabinets for storage space.   

farmhouse shelves

Add rustic office décor and farmhouse office wall decor for warmth and charm. A painting or motivational quote that inspires you will fuel your spirit.  

Productivity planners, calendars, and journals that are all business with a twist of country farmhouse charm will make scheduling, planning, and goal-setting a pleasure.   

Add a vintage-look teacup or mug for enjoying your favorite beverage, and your farmhouse home office is ready.

At Worksion, we think office space should be invigorating and inspiring. Giving your office space a pretty and fresh farmhouse office décor makeover will have you looking forward to going to work each day.