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5 Finance Jobs to Upgrade Your Career + 3 Top-Paying Jobs in the Field

5 Finance Jobs to Upgrade Your Career + 3 Top-Paying Jobs in the Field

The finance industry is growing at a fast pace. There are plenty of opportunities for those who have a passion and interest to upgrade into one of several available finance jobs. 


In this article, we will detail some of the most popular finance jobs examples and what you can expect to do on a typical day at each position. 

We will also provide a finance jobs description for each position and the salary you can expect to earn.

What Kind of Jobs Exist in Finance?

There are a variety of jobs in finance. Choosing the right one for you comes down to whether you possess the proper background, can obtain the skills, or whether the position matches your salary demands.

We’ll cover five of the most common finance jobs for you to consider.

  • Senior accountant
  • Financial advisor
  • Insurance advisor
  • Investment banker
  • Financial analyst

Senior Accountant

A senior accountant is responsible for overseeing the financial accounting and reporting process for a company or organization.

They ensure that all financial transactions are properly recorded and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

A typical day for a senior accountant might include reviewing account balances, preparing monthly financial statements, and reconciling bank accounts. 

Salary: A senior accountant can expect to earn an annual salary of $60,000 – $70,000.

Financial Advisor

A financial advisor guides clients on investment planning, insurance options, and retirement planning. They work with individuals as well as businesses to create a plan that meets the client’s specific needs. 

On a typical day, a financial advisor may meet with clients to discuss their current financial situation and future goals. They may also prepare proposals, recommend products, and track the progress of client investments. 

Salary: Depending on experience, a financial advisor can expect to earn an annual salary that ranges between $50,000 – $100,000.

financial analyst 2

Insurance Advisor

An insurance advisor is a professional who helps individuals and businesses manage risks. They provide advice on insurance products, help individuals choose the right policy, and identify ways to save money on coverage. 

A typical day for an insurance advisor may involve meeting with clients about their current policies or discussing new options. They might also meet with business owners to discuss employee benefits plans that comply with state and federal laws. 

Salary: An insurance advisor can expect to earn an annual salary of $35,000 – $75,000.

Investment Banker

An investment banker helps companies raise money by issuing and selling securities. They work with clients to identify opportunities and develop proposals that meet the client’s needs. 

On a typical day, an investment banker might meet with potential clients to discuss their needs. They may also be responsible for preparing offering materials and negotiating terms with potential investors. 

Salary: Investment bankers can expect to earn an average annual salary of approximately $65,000.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst provides analysis of financial data to help individuals and businesses make informed decisions. They work with a variety of data, including earnings reports, stock prices, and market trends. 

finance analyst

A typical day for a financial analyst might include reviewing company financial statements, preparing forecast models, and analyzing risks and opportunities. 

Salary: A financial analyst can expect to earn an annual salary of just under $75,000.

What Jobs in Finance Pay the Most?

Although our previously listed jobs represent five of the most common positions in finance, you might want to look into the next three if you’re interested in the highest paying finance jobs

  • Chief financial officer
  • Financial software developer
  • Hedge fund manager

As you work on your resume, consider that these three positions provide you an increased opportunity to reach six figures in annual salary.

Chief Financial Officer

Chief financial officers (CFO) manage the finances of a company and oversee its accounting. CFOs provide advice on how to maximize returns and minimize risks, ensure regulatory compliance for their organizations, and give guidance regarding investments. 

Many people look at a chief financial officer position as one of the best finance jobs because it entails managing an entire department.

CFOs are also often the ones to negotiate with potential investors, allowing them a large degree of influence regarding their company’s future.

CFO presenting annual reports with team

A typical day for a chief financial officer might involve several meetings with other members of the finance department. They may also be responsible for preparing budgets and forecasts, which require analyzing data from past years. 

Salary: A chief financial officer can expect to earn an annual salary of $150,000 – $250,000.

Financial Software Developer

A financial software developer designs and develops new programs that analyze market data, carry out complex calculations, or perform other tasks related to finance. 

A typical day for a financial software developer might involve designing a program that meets a client’s specific requirements. They may also work on testing the software to ensure it works correctly. 

Salary: A financial software developer can expect to earn an annual salary of $75,000 – $140,000.

Hedge Fund Manager

A hedge fund manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a hedge fund, including investing in stocks, bonds, and other securities.

Hedge fund managers are often responsible for marketing their funds to potential investors. They also have a large say regarding how much money to invest into each security. 

A typical day for hedge fund managers might include analyzing market data to determine which securities will give them the most return on investment while minimizing risk.

They may also need to attend meetings with their clients or meet with other members of the investment team. 

Salary: A hedge fund manager can expect to earn an annual salary of $150,000 – $500,000.

Final Thoughts

The finance jobs we’ve discussed are just a small sampling of the many options available in finance.

Each offers its own set of challenges and rewards, making it an interesting and exciting field to work in. When looking for a job in finance, you may want to meet with a career counselor to help with your search.