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Instagram Careers: How To Get Your Dream Job

Instagram Careers: How To Get Your Dream Job

We’re living in the side gig era at the peak of social media networking. In 2024, over half of the world’s population is using social media.

With more countries enjoying increasing access to the internet, it’s no wonder things like Instagram influencer jobs are topping the list of work-from-home jobs

What Is It Like To Work With Instagram?

According to employee reviews on Indeed, those with Instagram careers enjoy a pleasant work environment. The app was rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by reviewers. Overall, most Instagram employees reported being happy with their work life

The most appreciated advantages included the fact that Instagram careers are are driven by remote work – employees working from home, offers ultimate flexibility. In addition, former employees noted that being able to do what they love for money and sharing it with others was very fulfilling. 

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Some drawbacks of working for Instagram included a delayed response time from tech support, relatively low pay, and frequent glitching.

It’s worth noting, however, that how much you earn on Instagram depends on your exact role, how much you post, your number of followers, and the nature of your content. 

While some users enjoy making several daily posts to earn a higher income, others may feel it disrupts their daily routine. Thus, an important consideration is how much of your time you’re willing to commit. 

Types of Instagram Careers

Instagram is brimming with job and internship opportunities for everyone. When you figure out what you’re good at, the sky’s the limit. Here are some of the top Instagram careers to keep on your radar. 

Social Media Marketing Internships

Are you in school and trying to kickstart your career with an Instagram internship? Instagram jobs for students may be your answer. 

If you’re social media savvy and have a communications or marketing background, consider a social media or marketing internship. Your responsibilities will include coordinating photo and video content, managing social media accounts, and creating marketing assets. 

Product Marketing Management

If you understand business operations and have knowledge about business strategy, product marketing can be the ideal fast-paced, rewarding job.

It involves understanding the needs of Instagram content creators and designing product roadmaps by analyzing feedback from creators. 

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A product marketing manager helps Instagram influencers and professionals pave their ideal career paths. You can use your business expertise and insight to aid individuals and businesses alike to grow and obtain more followers

Brand Affiliate

A brand affiliate is someone who partners with a specific brand to get them more sales. In exchange, you will receive a commission from the company.

Unlike an influencer, an affiliate is concerned with generating more product purchases rather than increasing overall awareness. 

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Several online merchants are seeking Instagram brand affiliates. You can find brands to work with on Instagram as well as popular online marketplaces.

Though an Instagram job salary will vary depending on the brand you partner with, you can generally expect to earn a commission between 10 and 20 percent. 


Working with existing brands or companies is not the only way to make money on Instagram. If you’re looking to sell your own merchandise or digital content, starting an eCommerce store on Instagram is a convenient way to do so.

If you provide a service such as photography, you can use your Instagram bio to direct customers to your website. On the other hand, if you sell physical goods, you may consider creating an Instagram business account. 

With a business account you will be able to promote your product line and make the most of dropshipping fulfillment. 

Instagram Shops

Set up an Instagram shop and take advantage of the many Instagram tools for small business owners.

Create descriptions for your products, include your pricing, and allow customers to make purchases using Instagram checkout.

Other ways you can sell your products on Instagram include the following features:

  • Shoppable ads
  • Instagram Shop Tab
  • Live Shopping
  • Posts and stories

Keep your posts relevant and up-to-date, and don’t be shy with hashtags to direct consumers to your products. 

“Brands use Instagram to display User Generated Content, viewing products in action that are solving real problems. The creator of this content is most often an influencer who uses the products and discusses them in the form of a review. This Social Proof is imperative in today’s retail market.” “Brands also use Instagram to host a storefront, called a shop, of a catalogue of products. Within this User Generated Content brands can tag products within the Instagram shop. A new feature allows anyone (e.g. content creators) to tag the products they’re reviewing. Influencers create videos (Reels) and Still photos with testimonial posts about products. Giving the content creator the ability to tag within the Reel or Post they are already publishing will provide extra backing of the brand and give customers a quicker way to find products.”

Casey Simmons | Instagram Shop Manager | Royal Locks Curl Care

Photography Sales

Many Instagram users join the platform because of their love for photography. If that sounds like you, make the most of your passion and sell your Instagram photos online. 

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You can find publishers or brands to license your photos on a variety of online marketplaces. In addition, you have the option to print your on-demand photography on merchandise.

For avid photography enthusiasts, turning personal Instagram photos into sales is the perfect at-home job. 

Video Content Creators

One of the best influencer jobs is video content creation which can be easily done with a free online video maker. If you already produce video content and have amassed followers on Instagram, the next logical step may be to promote ads in your videos. 

Brands will pay to promote their products or services within your videos to obtain more views. You will make money based on the number of views your video receives. Instagram refers to these as “monetizable plays” and you can earn 55% of ad revenue generated with each view. 

“Being a video content creator is a lot of work. Not only do you have to be creative, but you also have to be organized and disciplined. You need to be able to come up with new ideas regularly, film and edit your videos, and promote your work on social media. However, the rewards can be great. As a video content creator, you have the opportunity to reach a large audience and make a real difference in their lives. If you’re passionate about helping others, then being an influencer is a great career choice. There are many career options on Instagram, and you can use your platform to inspire and impact people all over the world.”

Casey Simmons | Instagram Shop Manager | Royal Locks Curl Care

Live Badges

One of the newest Instagram features is the live badge, which enables influencers to give tips during a live broadcast. The concept is similar to that used in platforms like Tik Tok. 

During a live video, your viewers will have the option to purchase a live badge from the comment section. The badge will unlock secret features that include special heart purchases.

How To Kick Off Your Instagram Career

Getting a job with Instagram is about building networks and communities. If you want to be an influencer and earn money by placing ads in your content, your first goal should be to build a strong following. 

“As an Instagram influencer, my best tip for kicking off your Instagram career is to be authentic. When people see that you’re genuine, they’re more likely to trust you and want to follow you.”

“Being authentic doesn’t mean that you have to share everything about your life, but it does mean being honest about who you are and what you believe in. It also means connecting with your audience on a personal level by sharing your story and engaging with them in the comments.”

“You need to create high-quality, original content that will resonate with your target audience. It’s also important to be active on the platform, engaging with other users and sharing interesting insights and stories. Once you’ve established yourself as an authoritative voice in your niche, then you can start working with brands on sponsored posts and other collaborative marketing initiatives.”

Milan Singh | Influencer & Finance Content Creator | IG: @milansinghhh

Find your niche and figure out what your passions are. Start putting out as much quality content as possible. That includes careful quoting in addition to well-planned photos and videos. Aim to post daily or close to daily. 

My best tip for Instagram is to keep your captions catchy and your photos high quality. Prioritizing amazing graphics is the best thing you can do for your feed and for the impression your Instagram gives of your business as a whole. I got into social media marketing from a journalism background, which helps enormously with crafting captions that are both eye-catching and concise. Don’t underestimate how important writing skills can be for landing a social media marketing job! Even though you definitely want to be consistent in your posting schedule and stay on top of your follower’s feeds, you also don’t want to lose the quality of your posts to quantity.”

JuliaStraka | Social Media Manager | 707 Fine Clothing
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As you build a follower base, start seeking out relationships with brands you identify with. Sometimes, if your base is large enough, brands will come to you. 

If you want to go the affiliate route or do Instagram marketing for other companies, start by reaching out to brands on affiliate networks. You may often see job posts from brands seeking affiliate candidates as well. 

Perks and Benefits of Joining Instagram

Instagram presents you with several business opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. The perks include working from your phone, having a flexible work schedule, and connecting with thousands of interesting people and networks. 

In addition, an Instagram job salary can start at around $20 per hour and can be as high as six figures per year (for the top influencers). The beauty of Instagram careers or jobs is that you can turn your passions into money quite easily. Best of all, you can do it all from the comfort of your virtual office

Final Thoughts

Instagram is quickly becoming one of the best ways to do business online. It’s an essential tool for shoppers and businesses alike. If you enjoy posting on social media and know how to get views, an Instagram career may be within your reach.