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Essentiële meubels: 7 computerbureaus met toetsenbordlade

Essential Furniture: 7 Computer Desks With Keyboard Tray

After this year, many companies have moved away from in-office settings and encouraged their employees to work from home. If you’re in that boat, you might be tired of your home office being the kitchen table (or your bed – we won’t judge). 

Fezibo Adjustable Standing Desk
  • Convenient to use
  • Verstelbaar
  • Gemakkelijk schoon te maken
Noblewell Computer Desk with Monitor Stand
  • Duurzaam
  • Decent storage space
  • Simple and modern design
Vivo Large Keyboard Tray
  • Portable
  • Easy to install on your existing desk
  • Offers comfortable typing angles

Setting up a home office for optimal productivity involves a rudimentary knowledge of ergonomics. Of course, the most crucial piece of furniture for your home office is your computer desk.

working in bed no keyboard tray

If you’re going to be at a desk all day, you want it to be in the best position for your body and long-term health. What kind is best for your health and productivity?

7 Computer Desks With Keyboard Tray on Our Shortlist

The best computer desk for you depends on what you are looking for in a desk. Do you need more desktop space, or would you rather have drawers? Are you looking for something to use for laptop work or an entire desktop computer? Would you instead stand or sit? How much space do you have? 

Fezibo Adjustable Standing Desk

Most computer desks with keyboard trays on Amazon don’t offer much more than just the desk and tray. This desk, however, is completely adjustable with an electronic adjustment setting. You can sit or stand without the hassle of cranking the desk up or down. 

Noblewell Computer Desk with Monitor Stand

If you want more than just a desk, this computer desk with keyboard tray and a monitor stand have side shelving as well. The monitor stand keeps your computer monitor off of the desk and at a better eye level. Although the desk doesn’t adjust for standing, it is better for your posture. 

Vivo Large Keyboard Tray

If all you are looking for is a keyboard tray to improve your home office, you don’t have to buy an entire desk. This tray is convenient because it attaches to any desk without needing screws and slides in or out. If you want to add a keyboard tray to your existing desk, this is the best way to do it!

Flash Furniture Black Glass Computer Desk

For simplicity and functionality, this desk is excellent. It’s a computer desk with keyboard tray, ergonomic of course, and an attractive spacious main desk space. If you want a less complicated computer desk that takes up less space in your home, the black glass desk offers a sleek option. 

Flexispot Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

If you already have a desk but want to stand or sit, you might want to consider a standing desk converter. This adjustable 42-inch desk with a keyboard tray has space for two monitors (or a monitor and a lamp) and is easy to install. For simplicity and adjustability, this desktop desk is a winner. 

Simplihome zaagbok Bureau voor thuisgebruik

Simplihome offers a sleeker, more straightforward design for a desk. It’s a solid wood computer desk with keyboard tray and not much more. The desk is wide with lots of desktop space for multiple monitors or lamps. If you want a simple desk that works well, this is a great choice! 

Engriy Computer Writing Desk

Mecor’s computer desk is the best computer desk with a keyboard tray under $100. It’s unique because of its storage capacity – it has a built-in small bookshelf with drawers underneath for more storage. It’s a seated computer desk with a keyboard tray. 

What Is the Difference Between a Writing Desk and a Computer Desk? 

Computer desks are relatively new furniture items since desktop computers have only become workplace staples in the last fifty years. Computer desks differ from writing desks in several ways. For example, they usually don’t have drawers, they can be adjustable to sitting or standing positions, and they have more desktop space for larger computers and desktop accessories.

computer desk setup with keyboard

Writing desks are great for small devices like laptops. They usually have more drawers for writing utensils. Writing desks are a classic piece of office furniture but not always beneficial for long days of desktop computer work. 

Harvard University has done studies on the effects of a standing desk. They agree that there are downsides to sitting all day and acknowledge that it could cause leg or back pain if you jump into standing too quickly. Most experts recommend an adjustable computer desk to be able to switch positions as you need, and an ergonomic desk chair for maximum comfort.

Are Keyboard Trays Worth It? 

If you decide to get a computer or writing desk without a built-in keyboard tray, you might be wondering if you should have a keyboard tray to attach to it. There are several different kinds of trays available, but are they worth it? 

The short answer is yes, for both health and efficiency reasons. Best computer desks with Keyboard trays make it more convenient to adjust your keyboard height. Even if you use an adjustable desk, you want your arms to be at a ninety-degree angle when you’re typing. Instead of adjusting your entire desk, you can adjust the keyboard. 

As we’ve discussed, ergonomics are a massive help for proper posture and health while working long hours at a desk. Keyboard trays help with hand, wrist, and arm ergonomics, preventing issues like pain, arthritis, and the dreaded Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. They also leave more room for other essentials (these desktop fans are a lifesaver in summer).

white keyboard on keyboard tray

Keyboard trays prevent long-term health issues, and they are said to improve productivity and workplace energy (much like a standing desk). Because you can view your monitor correctly and type without incurring pain, you’ll be more likely to be productive and less tired throughout the day. 

How Do I Add a Keyboard Tray to My Desk? 

If you buy a desk that doesn’t come with a keyboard tray, you can buy a tray separately and add it to your desk. It’s also possible to make your keyboard tray – the parts are relatively simple to put together and add to your desk! 

Most keyboard trays are simple – buy them and attach them to your desk using the package instructions. However, it’s essential to know what kind of desk you have. Some keyboard trays screw into the material of the desk and so won’t be able to attach to a metal or glass computer desk. 

Laatste gedachten 

Whether you get a sitting or standing computer desk, you should be able to adjust it to the best position for your body. With one of these desk and keyboard tray combinations, all you need is a little desk organization and decoration. Then, your home office should be ready to go for as long as you need it!