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10 beste printerstandaards voor onder het bureau voor uw werkruimte

10 Best Under Desk Printer Stands For Your Workspace

If you have a home office, you know the importance of having a printer nearby. However, If we have a big desk, we might just have to deal with the inconvenience of making room for our printer and having it sit in our way when not in use. The best solution would be to consider getting yourself some of the best under desk printer stands.

Where to Put Printers In An Office

If we don’t have desk space for our printer, chances are we have it sitting on the floor under the desk or even on a small table or nightstand. Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve the problem when the printer is large. It just creates more clutter

Hiding a large printer under the desk still takes away valuable knee room. It also makes for problematic printer use, especially if we’re not using wireless printing capabilities.

under stand printer stand

One of the best under desk printer stands is our solution for getting rid of the problem. These stands are designed to save us desk space while keeping our printer in close proximity to our computer.

These also offer easy access to this important machine, which can be a lifesaver when we need to print something last minute.  Putting the printer desk stand together is easy, and they can be installed in just a couple of minutes.

Our Top Picks For Under Desk Printer Stand 

Below are 10 of the best under desk printer stand ideas to help you create more open space in your office.

Best Adjustable

The Under Desk Printer Stand with Cable Management and Storage drawers for home, office, or business. HUANUO Printer Stand is solid and heavy enough to hold up to 38lbs of weight. It’s got a wide surface that can accommodate even the largest printers with ease. 

The wheels allow us to move it around when needed easily. They lock in place for when we want it fixed in one spot. This printer stand also comes with two large storage spaces under each leg. 

We can store extra paper, ink, or other supplies right by our side without having to go searching all over the house for them. This printer stand gets the job done and saves space.

Best Small Printer Stand

The Safco Under Desk Printer Stand and Fax Stand is perfect for smaller printers and faxes but can also work with larger models as well. Its design makes it easy to tuck away under the desk without taking up too much space. 

The Safco Products stand’s tiny size makes it a great option if we’re looking to cut down on clutter or if our office is small and we don’t have room for a large printer on our desk.

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The VANSPACE Desktop Printer Stand 2 Tier Wood Desk Storage Organizer Bookshelf is a unique printer stand that also contains a storage unit.

It’s got two shelves perfect for books, printers, or other supplies that we need within arm’s reach of our desk. It even has wheels making it easy to move for easier access to supplies and books.

Best to Assemble

The FITUEYES Mobile Under Desk Printer Stand with Wheels is an under desk printer stand that’s a little more conservative in design and can work for anyone looking for a simple option to save space. It’s got a modern shape that matches most desks.

It can hold printers of all different shapes and sizes up to 33 pounds. It’s our favorite under desk printer stand of wood.

Best For Small Space

The FITUEYES Desktop Printer Stand with White Double Tiered Wooden Desk Organizer is another excellent option for anyone looking to get a little more from their printer stand.

It has two tiers, making it perfect for storing supplies and additional printer paper while still having enough room on top of the desk to hold a laptop or other documents. 

Best for DIY Ideas

The VEDECASA 2 Tier Rustic Brown Wooden Under Desk Printer Stand With Storage Bag is perfect for those who want something stylish and unique to help save space. It’s made of natural wood, making it look like a piece of furniture instead of clutter.

It fits in with office décor nicely. The wheels make it easy to transport to other places in the house or office. The storage bag makes for a great place to store supplies.

Best Multi-Purpose

The ZBRANDS Printer Cart Max has a capacity of 50 Lbs. This under desk printer cart is a unique option that can work for anyone looking to increase their storage space without taking up more office space.

It’s built with four wheels, so it can be pushed around with ease and hidden away when not in use.

Best Trendy

The OROPY 2 Tier Desktop Storage Organizer Wood Shelf Under Desk Printer Stand would work great for anyone trying to add some style to their office while still taking up the least amount of space possible.

It’s got a unique shape and design that would look great in most rooms, and it has wheels making it easy to move when needed.

Best Heavy-Duty

The eMerit Printer Stand Shelf with Storage is awesome for larger printers. This stand has space to hold multiple printers, paper, and supplies all in one place for quick access.

Its heavy-duty design makes it perfect for people who need extra storage or bigger printers that weigh up to 33 pounds.

Best Basic

The Mind Reader Classify Mobile Printer Cart with Cable Management is an under desk printer stand that’s perfect for anyone who needs to get their office up and running faster.

It’s got wheels making it easy to move around, while its sleek design makes it a great addition to any room in the house.

Best Under Desk Printer Stand Installation

Assembling these stands is as easy as finding the right pieces and screwing them together.

Again, this takes less than five minutes to do. If we have ever assembled an IKEA coffee table or TV stand, we know exactly what we are talking about here.

Simply follow the instructions given that come with the stand to make things easier. Most

Models come with written and visual instructions to help guide us correctly in putting

it together. After putting the under desk printer stands together, test it out by pressing down on the surface.

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The best part about these printer stands is that they are all affordable.

So if we’ve been looking for ways to save space, then it’s time to check out one of these under desk printer carts and see just how much space we can save in our office without sacrificing style or function.

There’s an under desk printer stand for every type of office space.