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Projectcoördinator zijn en projecten beheren als een baas

Hoe word ik een projectcoördinator en beheer ik projecten als een baas

Are you considering a career move? Maybe you want a change, or perhaps you have an ultimate life goal in mind. Either way, take the time to consider – what does a Project Coordinator do? Many of us do the tasks associated with it already, so it may be an excellent fit for you.


In the role you would be one of the direct points of contact for all matters surrounding the timeline and execution of the work project. When you take on the project coordinator job, you are responsible for fulfilling the administrative tasks that come along with the project.

Therefore, if your team is in the midst of an assignment, your role is to lay the framework to help the project go smoothly. Whether it is scheduling the necessary meetings to keep the conversations flowing or securing the required permissions for specific steps, you are one step ahead of the others on the team.

Verwacht salaris

The Project Coordinator’s salary will vary by geographic region. For those who live in larger cities, the corresponding salary will be higher than in smaller towns or suburban areas. This difference will come into effect due to the higher cost of living within those areas. 

According to the national online database Glassdoor, the national salary average is $52,000

Hoe word ik een projectcoördinator?

These jobs typically begin with a degree in business. Most in the field hold education in that area and then continue to develop Project Coordinator skills while on the job

For the vast majority of professionals in the field, these opportunities come after being in the field for a set amount of years, gathering experience and hands-on expertise in other roles. Although some coordinators are hired in, many are also promoted within due to their success on the team beforehand.


You can also acquire certifications to help land the job. However, it is not necessary to do so for the title of Project Coordinator. The certifications that are available for Project Managers require several years of experience, some of which you can gain. 

De vaardigheden die je nodig hebt

When venturing into the Project Coordinator career path, it is best to hone your organizational skills. These traits will come in handy during projects with a lot of moving pieces. It will be your responsibility to locate all the necessary information and data within a moment’s notice. Therefore, the organization of such materials are vital.

Additionally, you need to have a keen eye for detail. One of your primary responsibilities will be to think ahead. To accomplish this, you will need to know the next steps for the project and assignment and have all the necessary items laid out to complete them. It is helpful if your Project Coordinator resume has previous experience in administrative tasks of varying sizes and importance, as well as business education. 

De gemiddelde dag van een projectcoördinator

When you step into the role of Project Coordinator, your day will look a bit different from the others on the team. A sample of a typical day for you will look like this:

  • Get into the office and check for messages surrounding the project.
  • Document any delays or issues that are ahead to alert the team about.
  • Plan for the day’s events, gathering necessary materials that will help the project to move smoothly.
  • Schedule important meetings or conversations, as well as work sessions.
  • Gather the project team and update on the current status, as well as what to expect as you continue with the assignment.
  • While working to resolve issues discovered earlier in the day, be available for questions on the status of the project, as well as ready to research any issues that arise.
  • Coordinate with the Project Manager to align on the goals and problems that have come up.

Your schedule will vary depending on the timeline for the work, as well as the size of the project. However, the administrative tasks for the assignment or component of the project will fall on you and your problem-solving skills.

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Wat is het verschil tussen een projectcoördinator en manager?

When you are researching the right career path for yourself, you may find yourself confused on the Project Coordinator vs. Project Manager roles. Although some of the responsibilities have some overlap between the two titles, there are also some differences.


  • Both positions help projects to run smoothly, efficiently, and on time.
  • Each role works to be several steps ahead of the project to identify potential issues or acquire necessary materials ahead of time.
  • With each job title, you work in conjunction with one another to keep the rest of the team aligned with the end goal.


  • Project Coordinators provide more of the administrative support to the project than Project Managers.
  • Whereas Project Managers will oversee a whole project, it is common for Coordinators to oversee one segment of the project, with others in the same role taking on the additional segments.
  • Project Managers provide supervision to all of the Coordinators that are working on a given assignment. 

Many Project Managers have been promoted within the company from Project Coordinator. With additional experience under their belt as a Coordinator, they are able to better perform the task of Manager. 


If you are looking for a new career path, or wanting to further expand into the administrative area that you work, Project Coordinator jobs are high in demand. For many professionals, the move to coordination is an easy one as they already have some experience in managing projects and workloads.

This career path offers many opportunities for growth and learning. Additionally, it can be fast-paced or calm depending on the type of project. In the end, it’s a career opportunity that never goes stale and provides lots of opportunities in many different areas.