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Best Office Prints on Amazon

Whether you’ve just recently started working from home and want to dress up your office space, or you’ve been working from home and have finally decided to add more personality to your room, buying office art prints is the perfect way to do so. 

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Before you start choosing office prints willy nilly, you might want to consider how to pick the best artwork. Below, you’ll find a few ideas to help get you started, along with a list of our picks for the best office prints on Amazon. 

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How to Choose the Best Home Office Artwork

While choosing office art Amazon prints for your home office can be a fun way to express yourself, you might find it challenging to pick the best prints that compliment your professional style. 

Instead of stressing over which print will look cute on your wall during virtual meetings, you might want to consider choosing a theme or message and a color scheme first.  

Choosing a Theme

How do you want to feel when you’re in your office? Don’t hang up some framed office wall art because you think your coworkers will appreciate it. Understanding how you want to feel when you go to work each day is crucial when choosing office art decor because it can influence your productivity. 

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

For example, say you want to feel motivated to help push you through those workdays when you don’t think you can make it through. If that’s the case, you might want to consider hanging up some motivational office artwork with inspirational quotes to remind you of your potential and intellect. 

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Similarly, if you want to feel comforted, you might lean toward purchasing artwork that reminds you of your favorite things, whether that’s reading, hiking, traveling, or snuggling up in bed with a cup of coffee. 

Choosing a Color Scheme

For decades, companies have strategically chosen their color palettes as a means of marketing. For example, fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s tend to select vibrant tints because they catch the eye quickly and are thought to influence customer appetite. 

Therefore, you should also choose a color scheme that will have some influence on you. What that influence includes depends on you. Do you want to feel relaxed in your space? Maybe consider choosing cool, neutral tones. Do you want to feel productive? You might want to consider bright, bold colors. 

Our Top Picks for Tasteful Office Prints

Now that you’ve got your theme and color scheme picked out, the fun can begin. It’s time to start picking out your office prints. 

However, even if you plan your ideas out beforehand, choosing the individual pieces might overwhelm you. So instead of scrolling endlessly through different options, we’ve helped narrow down the choices to the 20 best office prints on Amazon organized into these categories below. 

Abstract Office Artwork

Don’t want your prints to clash or want to keep your artwork simple? Check out these best abstract office art prints. 

Loomarte Framed Wall Art Abstract Gray Sparkle Pictures Linen Artwork

Gray Sparkle Pictures Linen Artwork

Similar to a simple abstract art piece, the gray sparkle pictures linen artwork adds a bit of flair to your office with its luminescent gold foil.

SIGNWIN Framed Canvas Print Wall Art Blue Abstract Symbol with Orange Sun Geometric Shapes Illustrations

Blue Abstract Symbol with Orange Sun

Add a fun pop of color to your office with this basic abstract office print. 

Fernweh Editions Candles


New York Skyline Empire State Building Skyscrapers Office Canvas Wall Art Print

New York Skyline

Unlike the generic skylines you might have seen in art before, this piece offers a unique perspective to add to your office.

Ardemy Teal Abstract Cityscape Canvas Wall Art Modern Skyline Gold Textured Painting

Teal Abstract Cityscape

Want to add a cityscape to your space but don’t want the basic New York City skyline? Check out this unique, abstract take on a familiar cityscape instead. 


Don’t want your prints to clash or want to keep your artwork simple? Check out these best abstract office art prints. 

Abstract Woman's Body Shape Wall Decor Art Print Poster

Abstract Woman’s Body Shape Wall Art

Elegant and minimalistic, this is a professional office art piece that’s simple and adds personality to any space. 

SIGNWIN 2 Piece Framed Canvas Wall Art Nordic Style Abstract Trees Canvas Prints

Nordic Style Abstract Trees

No one knows comfort like the Norwegians. The Nordic style instills comfort in this office artwork with warm tones and a simple design. 

Kate and Laurel Sylvie Teoitlan Valley Study Framed Canvas by Kate Aurelia Holloway

Modern Abstract Statement Piece

It’s always a great idea to go with some simple abstract prints to add a pop of color to an office space.


wall26 Framed Canvas Print Wall Art Transparent Black & White Leaf Trio on Grunge Background

Transparent Black and White Leaf

This rustic leaf print can add some shabby-chic character to your office. Plus, its large 16-inch by 24-inch size allows it to stand alone as a statement piece.

Haus and Hues Botanical Plant Wall Art Prints

Haus and Hues Botanical Plant Wall Art Series

As a set of four, the Haus and Hues botanical plant series gives you the freedom to arrange your art however you see fit for your space. 

Vintage Flower Boho Minimalist Floral Artwork Decor

Vintage Wall Art Botanical Plants

Unlike the previous botanical plant series, this set offers some more character thanks to its vintage design. 


SIGNWIN Framed Canvas Wall Art Black and White Symmetrical Angular Stripes and Lines Geometric Patterns

White Symmetrical Angular Stripes

Adding angular line art can break up a blank wall without disrupting the rest of your area. 

SIGNWIN Framed Canvas Print Wall Art Swirling School of Fish

Swirling School of Fish

This set of three prints cohesively flow together to form a school of fish. However, the organic movement in the peace helps create a sense of calm within your space too.

Motivational Office Artwork

If you find yourself losing steam during the workday, you might want some wall art to give you some encouragement. 

Inspirational Wall Art Beach Decor

Inspiration Wall Art Beach Decor

Who says office art decor can’t be fun? These wall art pieces pair colorful beachscapes with inspirational quotes to empower you through the workday.

They Whispered to Her You Cannot Withstand The Storm Print

They Whispered to Her You Cannot Withstand the Storm

The bold colors and the inspirational quote on this print are just what a girl needs to feel empowered in her office. 

Fernweh Editions Candles

Mindset is Everything - Motivational Wall Art Poster

Mindset is Everything

Inspirational, but make it funny. This cute print can uplift you while you work, thanks to its thoughtful quote and cheeky content.

Teamwork Canvas Print Wall Art

Teamwork Canvas Art Print

Keep you and your team motivated throughout each workday with a constant reminder of your support and drive. 

KAWAHONE Inspirational Canvas Painting Wall Art

Minimalist Inspirational Office Prints for Wall (Set of Three)

Hustle, grind, execute. These three office prints can transform your home office into a motivational hub with a minimalist design to suit any space. 

Modern Landscape Art

You can never go wrong with modern landscape art. It’s always sleek, clean, and professional. 

SIGNWIN Framed Canvas Print Wall Art Blue & Gray Mountains in Fog Nature Wilderness Illustrations Modern Art

Blue and Gray Mountains in Fog

The hazy fog coating this deep blue mountainscape can calm any room. 

SIGNFORD Framed Canvas Wall Art Monochromatic Brown Mountains and Valleys Landscape Wilderness Oil Painting

Monochromatic Brown Mountains

The use of organic shapes and neutral tones for the mountainscape can help create a sense of calm within your space.

Gardenia Art Large Abstract Wall Art Linen Canvas Print

Gardenia Linen Art Canvas Print

These gardenia linen art canvas prints resemble a beach landscape, perfect for a coastal home. Their warm colors can brighten up an office too.