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Best Office Shelves Ideas to Organize and Decorate

Whether you’re finally returning to your onsite office, or are settling into a long-term home office setup, now may be a good time to consider sprucing things up.

shelf and wooden desk in a office

One of the best places to start is shelves. 

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15 Best Office Shelves Ideas

NUMENN 5 Tier Bookshelf

Best Vertical Shelf*

Vertical shelves can be a great option if you need a lot of storage space and don’t have a lot of room for multiple office shelves and cabinets. We like that this stylish and straightforward bookcase has a small footprint but plenty of shelves to hold your items.

Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set

Best Floating*

We love floating shelves, especially as a small office shelving idea. Installing some wall-mounted office shelves for the office will provide a classy and dignified space to display photographs, awards, and decor items.

IRONCK Bookcase and Bookshelf

Best Open Shelving*

Open shelving (a shelf with no back) can keep a space light and airy, preventing a heavy or claustrophobic feeling. Open shelving can also be used as a nifty room divider, especially with a visually interesting shelf design like this one.

Haton Bookshelf

Best for an Industrial Aesthetic*

We love the metal bracing on this shelf for a relaxed, industrial vibe. An industrial aesthetic can give your office artistic energy grounded in more serious materials like dark metals and woods.

Walker Edison 2

Best Low Shelf*

A shorter shelf is a great choice if you have low ceilings in your office or want the shelf to double as a small table or TV console. This design comes in various colors, making it a convenient option for matching with existing office furniture. 

BAMFOX Floating Shelves

Best Minimalist Shelves*

We’ve already sung the praises of floating shelves, but these sleek floating wall shelves are one of our favorite home office wall shelving ideas. The lack of clunky hardware makes these shelves blend into the wall for a relaxing and uncluttered design. 


Best Ladder Shelf*

Another fun design for an office shelf is a ladder style. Mimicking the silhouette of a ladder leaning against a wall, this ladder shelf has a warm, homey appearance and provides ample storage space. 

Furinno Turn-N-Tube Display Rack

Best Understated Shelf*

Sometimes you just need a place to keep some books and files without getting a distracting piece of furniture. This classic, streamlined shelf design is an excellent option if you want to keep your office neat and understated.

InnoGear Floating Shelves

Best Geometric Design*

Hello again, floating shelves. We like these for their graphic, geometric design on the back. The grid pattern will go great in a quirky, colorful office that shows off your personality. 

EACHPAI Corner Floating Shelves

Best Corner Floating Design*

It can be challenging to use corner space, so investing in some corner shelving can be life-changing. We like these floating corner shelves, which provide a good amount of storage space while leaving room for a chair or other furniture on the floor below.

YGEOMER Floating Shelves

Best Modular Design*

It’s always a good idea to buy a product that gives you options. We love that these float shelves can be mounted with either side facing up, giving you two different possible shelving styles.

Gracious Living Shelf

Best Monochromatic Shelf*

Depending on the style of your office, you may benefit from having a shelf that is all one color, rather than the popular wood with metal contrast style. We feel partial to this sturdy shelf that comes in both black and white. 

Giftgarden 47 Inch Long Floating Shelves

Best for Displaying Photos*

These little floating ledges look distinguished and are perfect for displaying favorite photos, awards, and important trinkets. These are sure to impress anyone who visits your office!

Greenco 5 Tier Floating Shelves

Best Artistic Design*

Whether you’re an artist professionally or just an artist at heart, you deserve an office space that reflects your creative personality. We like this funky asymmetrical corner shelf that shows you make intentional choices with your office shelf design. 


Best Modern Office Shelves*

We love that these floating shelves are practically invisible. This modern look will elevate your space to give it an updated and stylish energy. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing office shelving can be tricky, but it can make your office space more practical and visually attractive. Use this list as a starting point to explore the style that works best for your needs.

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