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Best Planner Binders for Keeping Your Day Organized

Best Planner Binders for Keeping Your Day Organized

Getting and staying organized for your day is one of the most important ways to manage your time effectively.

Whether you’re in the office all day, traveling to and from job locations, or working from home, a planner binder is essential for keeping your day organized from start to finish. 

Using a Binder Planner

Using a binder planner allows you to design your own planner that perfectly fits your lifestyle, job requirements, and style.

woman carrying a planner binder to work

Instead of choosing a generic monthly planner that forces you to use tiny boxes to write your schedule or excludes extra space for those meeting notes, building your own system is preferable. 

You can organize your business binder in any way you choose – purchase pre-printed, refillable inserts for daily or weekly schedules, separate home from business with dividers, or start with a blank slate and use unlined paper for bullet journal style notes

Our Top Picks for a Planner Binder

If you’re closing out your planner binder for 2022 and looking for a fresh start, here’s a list of our top recommendations for the new year. 

Sooez A6 Notebook Binder

Best 6-Ring Planner Binder: Sooez A6 Notebook Binder

If you’re looking for a small, easy-to-carry planner binder that’s flexible enough to work for nearly any purpose, the Sooez A6 Notebook Binder with stainless steel rings and a stylish design is for you.

Available in a variety of colors and with inserts for journaling, budgeting, schedules, and notes, the 6 ring planner binder also includes built-in slots for credit cards and a place to store your pens. 

The PU Leather cover is sturdy enough to protect your most important papers inside, and the magnetic closure ensures nothing slips out or gets misplaced. This planner holds around 80 sheets of paper, meaning you’ll have plenty of space to keep all your meeting notes, plans, and calendars inside. 

Antner A6 PU Leather Notebook Binder

Best for Budgeting: Antner A6 Leather Planner Binder

This small A6 leather notebook binder is the perfect solution for managing your travel expenses, budgeting, cash envelope system, or coupons. This refillable 6 ring binder is versatile enough to use as a standard planner but especially great for managing your finances. 

Use the complementing envelope system to manage cash, divide folders to keep track of business receipts and expenses, or add loose-leaf paper to record financial transactions, schedules, or other business matters. 

The magnetic buckle closure keeps belongings secure and the pens loops and card slots make it convenient for on-the-go work. 

LUX Productivity PRO A5 Planner

Best Undated : LUX Productivity Pro A5 Planner Binder

Sometimes you need a planner that starts in April or September, not just in July or January. The PRO planner binder A5 is a great solution for anyone who likes the flexibility of an undated planner. 

It’s blank pages allow you to start using the planner whenever you’d like and it includes space for a reflection journal, project management notes, financial goals, and a gratitude list.

Plus, using a refillable planner binder a5 lets you experiment with finding the perfect inserts for you. 

Wundermax Portfolio Binder

Best for Tech Users: Wundermax Portfolio Binder & Organizer

The leather padfolio business planner and organizer is the ultimate solution for when you need a notepad and pen, but you also need to take along your iPad or tablet. This 10-inch planner binder has room for it all.

It’s just the right size to hold everything you need without feeling bulky. There’s more than enough room for your tablet, headphones, charging cables, credit cards, and notebook. 

Made from high-quality vegan leather, it comes in stylish packaging with a bonus notebook – perfect for gift giving for new employees or a friend who has landed their first job

Toplive Leather A5 Binder

Best for When You Need the Basics: Toplive A5 Leather Planner Binder

If you’re looking for a basic binder planner with the flexibility to use it on the go or in the office, the Toplive Leather A5 Binder is a good choice. It’s a basic 6-ring binder planner notebook cover with space for up to 200 pages of A5 filler paper. 

The inside front cover has room to tuck a few important papers behind the document flap, store your ID card, and a few other notes you want to keep on top of mind. The pen holder is convenient, and the buckle loop closure keeps everything protected.

There’s nothing fancy here – just a practical, 6-ring binder you can adapt for various purposes.

LXWHYP A6 Budget Binder with Cash Envelopes

Best for Cash Management : Leather Planner Binder

The cash envelope system is a popular cash management tool, and this planner binder is designed to make it easy on you.

It includes 12 zippered enclosures to hold your cash and is flexible enough to combine with other uses – calendars, address books, receipt management, etc. 

Best Budget-Friendly: Antner A5 6-Ring Planner Binder

The Antner A5 leather 6-ring binder cover is perfect for those on a budget. It has a simple design, room for A5 size accessories like folders, dividers, envelopes, and paper, and is sturdy enough to toss in your work bag each day. 

With slots for business cards, a pen loop, and a discreet front pocket, it’s a budget-friendly option for someone who needs a simple planner tool to stay organized. 

GoGirl Planner and Organizer

Best Weekly Planner Binder for Women: GoGirl Planner & Organizer

The GoGirl Planner and Organizer for Women is a compact-size weekly planner filled with all the tools you need to set goals, improve habits, stay organized, and improve your time management skills. 

This undated weekly planner allows you to start when you’re ready, not just at the beginning of the year. It includes colorful bookmarks, stickers, a monthly calendar, and weekly planning pages, and will look great on your desk

bloom daily planners Daily Planning System

Best Large Planner Binder : Bloom Daily Planner

Sometimes you need more space to write your big dreams, daily schedule, and plans for the year. Bloom’s Daily Planner 8.x5 x 11 planner binder with the 3-ring binder is perfect for those who need more room to write and don’t mind building their own system. 

The 3-ring binder cover is attractive and fun (available in a variety of colors and designs), and versatile since you fill it up with Bloom accessories. Any standard paper (8.5 x 11) will fit when three-hole-punched, and you can customize it to fit your exact needs. 

Leather 3 Ring Planner Binder

Best for Professional Portfolio Binder: Modileben Planner Binder

When you need something professional that’s also functional and flexible, a stylish padfolio is a great choice, and this leather, 3-ring padfolio is perfect for the job.

Its transparent file pockets allow you to take your documents on the go without fear of ruining them before your big meeting. Plus, it features three pen holders, card slots, and a built-in calculator. 

Zip it all up and toss it in your bag or walk confidently into your meeting knowing you’re organized and ready for the day. 

How Do You Make a Mini Binder Planner? 

If you need a mini binder planner and not a full-fledged planner, creating one is simple.

diy planner binder

Choose one of the recommended empty planner binders above in the A5 or A6 size with planner binder rings, curate your favorite list of inserts (planner pages, folders, pockets, etc.) and snap them into the 6-ring holder. 

You can easily swap them out when you need to, reorganize the pages to fit your needs, or decide on something brand new each year. 

Final Thoughts

Getting and staying organized can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Incorporate some simple habits into your routine, start small, and stay consistent.

With the right binder planner to accompany your new habits, you’ll be feeling organized and ready for the new year.