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How to Create An Effective Project List + Tools to Help

How to Create An Effective Project List + Tools to Help

We all get to a point in our careers when the workload becomes too much to handle. The right manager can find ways to motivate us to tackle multiple projects, but that can get overwhelmingly fast.

So what can you do when that happens?

Creating a project list is one of the most efficient ways to manage your project tasks. If you recently started your business and need a method to manage your day-to-day tasks, we recommend reading further.

We will guide you through the know-how of a project list and how you can make your own to manage your workload.

What is a Project List?

In simple terms, a project list is a structured to-do list.

Its purpose is to create a visible list of your current tasks within the day, week, month, or even year.

Project Checklist Example

Although, what makes a project list stand out is the number of things it can manage and track. For each task, you can assign the teams working on it, the equipment and team necessary, and even list the phases for each objective.

Project lists are more detailed and organized than to-do lists. It can offer important feedback about the deadlines while also listing the key side notes.

Types of Projects That Work With Project Lists

Project lists are for tasks that require several portions of management.

Certain corporations use these project management programs to organize demonstrations for products or services they are providing, such as a presentation show.

Self-employed workers who are low on employees could benefit from creating their project list.

Easy or complicated, project lists can handle any specific project. They can turn lumps of work into a manageable checklist.

How to Create a Project List

Making a project list is as easy as it sounds.

Detailing all your thoughts and plans with pen and paper can be the first step. It’s incredibly cost-efficient, but you’ll also sacrifice time for doing those tasks!

manager creating her project checklist

What other options are there?

We composed some alternative methods to make a project list with essential tools.

Project List Excel

Think of Microsoft Excel as your online scratch paper (excluding the notepad).

Many businesses choose to do their planning through Excel because it’s simple to learn, and anyone can add more information if needed. Organizing your project task list with rows and columns is straightforward and not complicated.

To start a project file, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new excel file.
  2. Create column headers that describe the tasks you need to list.
  3. Add in the details of the goal in their respective cell.
  4. Apply filters to customize the way you view data.
  5. Sort the data to your preferences.
  6. Make any additional changes such as color-coding, bolding, and other features.

What’s cool about Excel is the free, simple template options that organize the list for you. Over 20 unique templates exist to match your preferences, such as an inventory list, workflow chart, action item, and a budget keeper.

Project List Apps

The second option for creating project lists is finding the right software to manage your tasks.

Here are some recommended programs that other entrepreneurs use to optimize their project lists:


This app is flexible software that supports collaborative projects and easily customizes to any workflow.

It supports integrations with similar project list apps and has sets of tools created for management and tracking time and invoices. Very favorable toward large teams.


This project management tool is generous towards its users. The free forever plan it offers allows an unlimited number of members who are allowed to manage resources in a central workspace.

Customizing can be time-consuming, but the free forever plan guarantees that the online space is private to the paid accounts.


A user-friendly business app for workers who understand Excel but are tired of the complicated formulas.

As the name suggests, you’ll enjoy the features in this that cater to spreadsheets and keep them all in one place.

How to Organize a Project List

Knowing how to prioritize your projects is just as important as the task itself. It takes practice and effort to understand the priorities of your tasks and how to go about them.

professional working on excel

Start with a project plan that outlines the objectives this project will have, which include:

  • a budget
  •  a project timeline
  • equipment
  • roles and responsibilities

Next is creating a project schedule that organizes the tasks into small steps that are easy to follow. Prioritize the immediate tasks first and use charts such as a work breakdown structure to get a better visualization of the tasks at hand.

The final step is staying on track with your deadlines and maintaining good communication with your workers. It doesn’t matter how good your project list turns out; if there isn’t clear communication and a lot of slack, the plan will fail.

Elements of An Effective Project List

So by now, you have found your method of creating a project list. The question now is: How are you going to maintain consistency?

We have some tips we would like to share to help you stay committed to your project list and focused on all your upcoming tasks.

Make sure all roles are defined and that the whole team is clear on their responsibilities. With a communicative team that works together in one direction, daily tasks are knocked out and handled.


Get in the habit of setting time limits for yourself and your team. Train your mind to be productive with the daily tasks and try to accomplish as much as possible.

Do the more difficult tasks first to end your day with little stress. It will be challenging, but at least you would have more time and energy to tackle the hard ones before lunch.

Final Thoughts

Modern-day companies are making advancements with the help of a detailed project list. Establishing a concrete task list and keeping track of your progress is essential to running an organized team and business.

We hope that this how-to article helped you learn about a project list and its many benefits.