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8 Small Business Packaging Ideas

8 Small Business Packaging Ideas

We have compiled a few different ideas for packaging your small business’s products while keeping them safe in transit.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin because we will walk you through what you need and what you can do with very little.

What Packaging Do You Need For My Small Business?

business owner packing the products

1. Packing Vessel 

Vessel sounds super fancy, but we mean the box, bag, or envelope your products require for shipping. This depends on what you sell, but you should have a consistent packing unit. 

2. Packing Filler

You may not need this if you are shipping items like clothing, bowties, or blankets; they don’t need cushioning on their journey to your customer.

But if you sell candles, teacups, or jewelry, we advise you to use packing filler like packing peanuts or bubble wrap to keep your products safe. 

3. Packing Tape

This is an obvious one, but we had to say it; you will need packing tape unless you have self-sealing bags. Even if you do, things happen so keep some packing tape on hand if you find yourself in a pinch! Depending on how heavy your product is, you might get away with one strip of tape or you might need to go heavy-duty like how to tape a moving box.)

4. Specialized Materials

If you ship items that must be temperature controlled, materials such as refrigerant gel packs ensure your product arrives in good condition. Some products need hazmat shipping labels, such as Aerosol spray receptacles, airbags, alcohol, and other products. 

Cheap Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses

craft paper and twine

Craft Paper and Twine

Craft paper is a sturdy and affordable option for shipping items that aren’t particularly fragile. Wrapping your product in craft paper and finishing it off by tying it with twine gives your package a rustic, homemade feeling. 


Repurposed Newspaper

Using old newspapers to wrap your product is a quirky way to package that will stand out to your customers. Another fun thing about using newspapers is that every package is different, and each customer feels special. 

Cheap Small Business Packaging Ideas

branded card

Branded Stickers or Cards

Stickers or cards with your logo or name on them are a simple and effective way to add some flair to your packaging and get some exposure. These are much more affordable than custom boxes but still have an impact.

This saves your business money, especially if you print the cards yourself (check out the best printer for stickers) while giving your customer a fun package.

small business packaging ideas

Branded Boxes and Bags

A box or bag branded with your logo and name makes your package stand out as it travels to its destination. When your customer receives a lovely package with your business’s name all over it, they know immediately what it is and get excited!

Cute Small Business Packaging Ideas

surprise gifts

Surprise Add-Ons

You can include anything you can think of that doesn’t cost much for your business. For example, around Christmas, you can include a candy cane in each order.

In spring, tie some dried flowers onto your packaging for added whimsy. Many small businesses give out stickers or cards that help their company grow as it gets more exposure. 

Thank you note

Art or Handwritten Notes

Including a handwritten note or some personal art, either inside or outside your package makes every customer feel special and appreciated. It can be as simple as drawing a smiley face on every box.

Some business owners write thank you notes or add fun, product-related polaroids inside the package. 

Small Business Packaging Ideas for Clothing

Simple Bag

Polybags are an excellent shipping method because they are pretty durable, cheap, and can be customized.

Clear or colored poly bags are slightly more expensive than the standard grey bags but are worth it to give your packaging some color and personality. If you want to take it a step further, you can have your logo and brand printed right on the outside of the bag.

Upscale Box

This method is pricier but will make a lasting impact on your customer. Companies like Birchbox have made their custom packing a staple for their brand and draws customers in.

A distinct box branded with your business’s image and name will go a long way on Instagram!

Final Thoughts

Today, consumers have high expectations for attractive and safe packaging. If your product arrives damaged, this causes a problem for your business.

People are more likely to photograph and share your product if it comes in endearing packaging. Small business packaging ideas with personality helps build your brand and get your product out there!