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11 Best Stylish & Cute Padfolios

11 Best Stylish & Cute Padfolios

Many people stay organized by using a portfolio, but a portfolio can often be too big and bulky for daily office use. That’s where the padfolio comes in. 

When it comes to padfolio vs. portfolio, the main difference is that you use a padfolio just within an office setting. A portfolio is more suitable for travel and often includes a handle or shoulder strap.


There are many different options out there, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best padfolios to help you find one that suits your personal style and taste. 

Our Shortlist of Stylish Padfolios

Toplive Padfolio 3 Ring Binder Business Portfolio

Best Overall: Toplive Padfolio 3 Ring Binder

The Toplive Padfolio 3 Ring Binder is our top pick because it checks all the boxes. It’ll help you stay organized in style with its envelope design and selection of four beautiful colors. 

This stylish padfolio binder also has pockets for various sizes of paper and business cards and a sleeve for notepads. Additionally, it includes a secure pencil holder. 

Our favorite feature is the three-ring binder that you can use to keep your notes in order. Long gone are the days of frantically flipping through a stack of notes. 

Clipboard Folder Padfolio

Runner-Up: Mymazn Clipboard Folder Padfolio

Our runner-up is the Mymazn Clipboard Folder Padfolio. It has a very sleek design and comes in various colors, but the binder clip is what really stood out to us. It’s a convenient feature that doesn’t restrict you from having to insert a notepad, like many other padfolios. 

Another added convenience is that you can completely fold over the left side to rest underneath the right side. This clipboard padfolio makes it easy to carry and comfortably write notes inside without requiring a hard surface. 

STYLIO Padfolio

Budget-Friendly: STYLIO Padfolio

If you’re not used to using padfolios and want a test run, the STYLIO Padfolio is a great affordable option. It has all the basics of what you need in a padfolio: pockets, business card holders, and a notepad sleeve. 

This stylish padfolio notebook is sleek and has accent stitches for a clean, polished look. You’ll definitely look professional without having to pay a fortune. 

Maruse Personalized Italian Leather Executive Padfolio

Best for Splurging: Maruse Personalized Italian Leather Executive Padfolio

If you’ve been using padfolios for a while, it might be time to treat yourself and invest in a premium padfolio that will probably last for your whole career.

The Maruse Personalized Italian Leather Padfolio uses genuine leather that only looks better with age. You can have your initials monogrammed on the corner for an added personal touch. 

This leather padfolio can hold a notepad and sketchbook along with tablets and laptops under 13.3 inches. You also don’t have to worry about any items slipping out because everything inside stays secure with the full zipper. 

Samsill Contrast Stitch Leather Junior Padfolio

Best Junior Padfolio: Samsill Contrast Stitch Leather Junior Padfolio 

A junior padfolio is perfect for someone who’s always on the go and needs something that they can quickly stash into their bag. 

The Samsill Contrast Stitch Leather Junior Padfolio is perfect for busy lifestyles because it can hold everything you need. It has an expandable pocket for documents and a notepad sleeve. It can even keep tablets under 10 inches. 

This stylish padfolio also has plenty of space for business cards, so it’s one of the best companions you can take with you to networking events.

Samsonite Xenon Leather Business Portfolio

Most Secure: Samsonite Xenon Leather Business Portfolio

This padfolio has one of the most thoughtful designs, ensuring that all your office belongings stay in place. It has pockets with straps and zippers, so your notes, phone, and tablet don’t fall out easily. 

The Samsonite Xenon Leather Business Portfolio has a full zipper for added security. When using this padfolio, you never have to worry about losing anything. So, your mind can focus on your next business idea and achieve your next career goals

Grey Padfolio

Cleanest Design: Paper Junkie Store Grey Padfolio

Many padfolios can be bulky and difficult to fit into bags and suitcases, but you’ll never have this problem with the Paper Junkie Store Grey Padfolio. It’s a cute but stylish padfolio with a very sleek and simple look. 

We also like the envelope flat that contains a cardholder underneath it. This envelope flat is an excellent feature because you can quickly hand out your business cards or pull out a company credit card without unfolding the whole padfolio. 

Kate Spade New York Leopard Print Clipboard Folio

Cutest Padfolio: Kate Spade New York Professional Padfolio 

Office supplies don’t have to be boring, and you can always add a splash of color or fun patterns to express yourself. Kate Spade New York Professional Padfolios are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to brighten up their office space

These designer, stylish padfolios come in several different fun styles, and they’re also clipboard padfolios with convenient clips on the front for securely holding onto notes. 

However, one feature that we wish to see improvements on is the inside pocket. There’s a single flap, so it doesn’t utilize the space for more storage as efficiently compared to other padfolios. 

Blue Sky Professional Padfolio

Best for Minimalists: Blue Sky Professional Padfolio 

If you just want to keep it simple, look no further. The Blue Sky Professional Padfolio has a very straightforward design while covering all the basics that you’re looking for in a junior padfolio. It has several pockets for notes and cards and a designated space for notepads.  

Best of all, it doesn’t sacrifice stylishness. It has a double-stitched cover and a clean-cut interior with stitched lining that makes anyone using it look professional and sophisticated. 

Just keep in mind that this padfolio is really simple, so it won’t do anything beyond holding a few sheets of paper and a notepad. 

Samsill Professional Resume Padfolio

Best for Gadgets: Samsill Professional Resume Padfolio

The Samsill Professional Resume Padfolio has an exceptional design for people who have a lot of gadgets and accessories. It has a zipper pocket and several accessory pockets for you to store various supplies. You can also insert a tablet in the inner flap or the cover sleeve.

The stylish padfolio also has a full zipper so that everything stays in place. For added security, it’s also padded to protect electronics. However, this feature does make it appear bulky, especially when you fill up the inner pockets to the total capacity. 

COSSINI Premium Business Portfolio

Best for Financial Professionals: COSSINI Premium Business Portfolio 

When someone entrusts you with making financial decisions, it’s essential to show that you’re professional and remarkably organized. The COSSINI Premium Business Portfolio can help you achieve this look. 

It has many pockets to help you store notes, receipts, business cards, and other items in an organized fashion. It also comes with a solar-powered calculator so that you can quickly crunch some numbers during important client meetings. 

This padfolio can also hold a tablet and comes with a full zipper so that everything stays in place. An additional bonus is that this padfolio gets made with vegan leather, and it looks very luxurious and elegant. 


When you’re attending important business meetings or presenting in front of VIP clients, the last thing you want is to appear disorganized with messy stacks of notes. A stylish padfolio can be a game-changer. Find one soon to stay tidy and make a great first impression.