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Task Chairs vs Office Chairs: What’s The Difference?

Task Chairs vs Office Chairs: What’s The Difference?

Back pain prevalence in the region continues to increase. Statistics show that 80% of the global population experience back pain at one point in their lives.

As a result, employers are keen on the types of chairs their employees use in the workspace to increase their productivity. 

They focus on ergonomic chairs like office, task, executive, or desk chairs. So get an office or task chair for your employees to protect their backs and posture and improve productivity.

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But how do you differentiate between task vs office chairs? 

Look out for the key differences between these chairs before you decide. 

The Key Differences Between Task and Office Chair

People use task chairs vs. office chairs interchangeably. However, they are quite different in various ways.

Standard office chairs offer basic work features like height adjustment, wheel movements, backrests, or swivels for your comfort during work. In contrast, task chairs have more advanced ergonomic features. 

These are the key differences between these chairs. 


Task chairs are more comfortable than office chairs because of their extra support in the armrest and the lumbar support on the backrests.

Task Chair

However, office chairs offer everyday comfort through their features and basic design, where you can quickly move, swivel, or support your back partially. 

Consider using the task chair if you have constant back pains when working. Its ergonomic and adjustable features on the armrests, height, depth adjustments, and lumbar support provide the proper framework and support from multiple body parts when working.

However, office chair options limit your back benefits when using them. 

Task chairs have a swivel and a tilt option that offers different height adjustment options to your liking.

With the mid and full height options, explore your suitable sitting posture to promote good back health. Some task chairs have head and neck rest to support the entire back and avoid back or neck pains when working. 


Office chairs have a fixed design with few adjustable parts, while task chairs are more flexible.

The task chair’s design allows you to adjust its height and backrest, showing its movability which makes it light and less compact when moving it. 

Office chairs are more compact because of the fixed design. However, with fewer adjustable systems in the design, it’s more cumbersome to use or move when necessary.

Simple Office Chair

In addition, they are less portable and thus unsuitable if you intend to transfer your chairs around frequently.


The design and style of task chairs offer more ergonomic benefits than office chairs. They have an adjustable armrest, backrest, and height, which gives you more room to use the proper posture when working.

In addition, some task chairs have adjustable armrests, which affect your working posture when you adjust your height to your desk. 

Task chairs accommodate more sitting postures because of their flexibility, making them a better choice than office chairs. In addition, there is a broader range of motion upwards or downwards with height adjustment and rotation movement with the swivel option, which takes care of your body posture and comfort.

You also strain your muscles less since you can tilt backward or forwards, which aids good posture promoting good health. On the other hand, office chairs have fewer adjustment features causing poor sitting posture and increased muscle and body strain. 


The versatility of office chairs offers you numerous styles that can match your office decor. In addition, you can choose from mesh or leather material on the chairs, where each has its comfort benefits.

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Both material styles offer comfort, but mesh provides more breathability, while leather gives you that luxurious feel when sitting. 

Task chairs come in fabric, mesh, or a combination of both, offering more advantages when using them.

For example, the soft material for the seat and the mesh option on the backrest brings comfort and style when using them, making you more productive and alert when working. 


Task chairs are more expensive than other office chairs because of their comfort. Averagely, a task chair pricing starts at $250, while an office chair starts at $100 if you get a good bargain. Inquire about the chair’s features before committing to your funds. 

Always check on the specs to ascertain your value for money. It’s possible to get a task and office chair for the same price, but consider their comfort and other benefits before you settle on your final choice. 

Functionality and Features

Before choosing between an office and task chair, check out its features and your office space. Factor in your work type and the number of hours employees spend on the desk. They need to be productive but still maintain your office decor and style. 

Employees who work long hours behind the office desk require comfort and good ergonomic features for their health and better productivity. Extra features like neck and head rest bring a wholesome experience when working in the office.

Be modest in your pricing assessment; the office needs to get the right balance for your office and employees. 

Consider the size and impact each chair brings to your office space before choosing between these options. Then, look at the short and long-term effects to decide which fits your goals and needs more. 

Which One Is Better for Long Sitting Hours?

Task chairs are more suitable for people who sit long hours in their offices.

The comfort and ergonomics in these chairs promote good posture and comfort and are ideal for muscle and body demands.

It supports your body better and boosts your productivity in the long term. 

Final Thoughts

Consider your sitting posture if you complain about back and body pains because of long sitting hours in your office space. The right chair provides comfort and doesn’t strain your back and body muscles.

Task chairs offer these adjustment options making them a perfect fit for those sitting for long hours while working. However, they are slightly expensive because of the comfort they offer using their adjustable features.

There is no need to gamble with your health and work productivity. Instead, when deciding between task chairs vs. office chairs, go for a chair with more long-term benefits.