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Technical Recruiter Salary: How Much They Earn and How to Become One

Technical Recruiter Salary: How Much They Earn and How to Become One

Have you ever seen yourself as an expert with computers? Are you a good judge of character and find the best qualities in a person? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you might benefit from earning a Technical Recruiter salary.

The tech recruiter works hand-in-hand with software engineering partners to find the best candidates for tech-based jobs.

With good practice and experience, the average base salary can be as high as $85,000 a year. A technical recruiter salary can vary – but it is still a competitive market.

This article will explore all the duties a technical recruiter holds, the salary range, and the education and training needed to become one.

Technical Recruiter Roles and Responsibilities

One thing about a Technical Recruiter is that there’s always work that needs completing. This position puts on many working hats, which makes sense why the average salary is so big.

technical recruiter

The ideal technical recruiter is a dedicated worker who carries a lot of experience under their belt and shows interest in improving the world of technology. Depending on the size of the business and the resources available, the technical recruiter will be active in several departments. 

These are the general list of responsibilities and skills that affect technical recruiter salaries:

  • Strong technical knowledge about the job positions and salary information
  • Interpersonal, networking, and communication skills
  • Ability to multi-task and keep track of several candidates
  • Clear signs of engagement and applying diversity and inclusion hiring strategies
  • Prior experience working with sourcing techniques (referrals, social media, etc.)
  • Stakeholder Management, recruiter coaching, and interview loop development (for senior recruiter)

Technical Recruiter Salary, Perks, and Benefits

Looking away from how demanding being a technical recruiter is, the bright side is how rewarding this job can be.

There’s a lot to gain from becoming a technical recruiter. The yearly salary is just one of the many perks.

Yearly Salary

How much does a technical recruiter make? The average technical recruiter salary ranges from $60,000 to $79,000 yearly. The current job market considers a technical recruiter essential for tech companies and is willing to raise the average total compensation and salary.

technical recruiter checking candidate profiles

Now more than ever, recent technical recruiter salaries are based on many factors. Experience is a big one as employers search for the right person capable of handling all the responsibilities with minimal problems.

The location of the job can also affect the yearly technical recruiter salary. Large metropolitan areas like New York or California will offer a higher salary to a technical recruiter that compensates for the cost of living.

Perks and Benefits

Aside from the average salary, there are more benefits for a technical recruiter to earn.

Staying with a company long enough will offer growth opportunities for your career. In time, you can become a senior technical recruiter with similar responsibilities and an increase in your yearly salary.

With multiple duties to follow, a technical recruiter has the chance to learn all aspects of the industry. The free education is rewarding as you work with various departments and gain valuable information for future interviews.

How to Become a Technical Recruiter

We’ll keep this short: technical recruiter jobs are not for everyone.

You will need a college degree and learn interpersonal skills to improve how you talk and behave around potential candidates.

technical recruiter taking job interview

Don’t worry, though. Take it one step at a time by reading about the necessary credentials needed in technical recruiting.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, a technical recruiter is also a human resource specialist based on the responsibilities. For an entry-level position, most businesses ask for a bachelor’s degree in a field related to business or human resources.

The standard coursework involves business, accounting, human resource management, and industrial relations. Optional courses would be professional writing and psychology-based classes that develop your communication and body language.


If you can’t pursue an education with a college or credited institution, getting a certificate is the next best thing.

The path toward getting certified as a technical recruiter opens up new opportunities for people who want to work in a different field and get the lessons to do the job right. 

There is a couple of well-known certification offers that will put you in the right direction of being a technical recruiter:

  • SHRM-CP (Certified Professional Certification): An internationally-recognized HR organization that helps people grow in human resources through networking and in-depth practice.
  • HCRi-PHR (Professional in Human Resources): Offers eight kinds of certification and provides training on the day-to-day HR job.

The Average Day for a Technical Recruiter

So far, we have been describing technical recruiter jobs as fast-paced, demanding, and a long-term commitment to the workload as justification for the impressive salary.

job interview

Is this just an exaggeration?

Let us explain further by exploring the daily routine of a technical recruiter.


A technical recruiter will work with an established sourcing agency to find potential candidates for screening. The sourcing process also involves looking through Linkedin, Indeed, and other social networks that get you in contact with applicants.


Once the candidates have been found and chosen, the technical recruiter will give each applicant a technical assessment to complete. The range of difficulty depends on what the job entails and the skillsets needed to perform it well.

A technical recruiter needs to adjust the assessments with a scoring rubric for fair grading.


After all the assessments are collected, the technical recruiter will look them over and choose the strongest candidates. The recruiter will also contact the hiring team for a second opinion.


The technical recruiter will take charge of preparations for the final interview. The candidates will meet the hiring team either in person or via Zoom and present themselves.

When the interview is in progress, the technical recruiter needs to keep in mind to give clear information about the position, including roles, hours, and yearly salary.


After the interviews finish and the references are screened, the technical recruiter will work with the hiring team to decide the best candidate for the job.


The technical recruiter shares the good and bad news with all candidates and provides feedback on why some didn’t get the job.

This task should not be undermined and requires a niche sensitivity. Such soft skills are why technical recruiters are in high demand and are offered an appropriate salary.

Final Thoughts

As the world continues to rely more on technology, the demand for technical recruiters rises. The business tycoons in New York or LA wouldn’t be anything without the expertise and knowledge from tech scouts.

With an average base salary, job security, and the potential to move up in the field, being a technical recruiter is not a bad way to live.