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Best Therapy Office Decor to Help Your Clients Relax

When it comes to therapy and counseling, good care often means more than the words you say, and it often comes out in the way you arrange and cultivate your space.

therapist with client

After all, patients and clients won’t feel comfortable opening up if your space isn’t comfortable, and you won’t be able to care for them if you aren’t at home in your space.

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For that reason, having well-thought-out therapy office decor is essential. In this article, we’ll break down all the therapist office essentials and therapist office interior design principles you might need to know.

How to Decorate Your Therapy Office

The key for small therapy office design is knowing that your space reflects yourself—more specifically, the part of yourself that you’re offering to clients. 

This means that whether you’re considering art for your therapy office or therapy office wall decor, you should think of your pieces as expressions of who you are and invitations for your clients to know you. 

For example, when it comes to art, it’s always a good idea to find the intersection between works you like and works that give a soothing impression to clients. Try to pick something with a cool, soothing color palette that can make clients feel like they’re in a homey setting.

Follow the same principle with other decor. Make sure to pick furniture and other interior design items that are to your tastes and consider whether they’ll make the client comfortable. A soft, neutral-tone couch, for example, might be a better choice than a mid-century modern modular chair.

What Every Therapist Needs in Their Office

Though every therapist is different, there are some key pieces of therapy office decor that you should keep in mind when looking for mental health therapist office ideas. 

The first, and perhaps most obvious, is a comfortable place to sit. This will be the place where you and your clients will spend most of your time, so make sure that your chairs or couches are comfortable, relaxing, and well-suited to different preferences.

therapy office

Also, be sure to consider art for your therapy office. Bare walls have a rather sterile feel, so you’ll want to decorate your walls with tasteful art.

As we mentioned above, go for pieces that will help your clients relax and know you better, and be sure to arrange them at the sitting level since clients will be sitting down.

Finally, make sure to plan for some kind of desk or table space for your records or notes. It conveys a reassuring sense of organization to see that a therapist has a well-managed desk space, so be sure to select a desk that fits your needs.

Essentials for Your Therapy Office

While all therapy office decor should be personalized, there’s always a variety of great options if you need a fallback. We’ve put together a list of therapist office essentials that might help you.

therapy office decor

Mid-Century Sofa Couch*

One of the essential items in any therapists’ office is a couch! Pick one like this, which is comfy enough to sit or lie down on and avoid materials that might irritate clients’ skin, like leather.

Sofas are also a great item to think of when looking for school counselling office decor ideas since they can differentiate the space from the rest of the school environment.

Ecosides Mixed Hanging Terrarium

Hanging Terrarium

To give your clients a sense of the soothing effects of nature, spring for a hanging office terrarium like this one.

Table Lamps

Dimmable Lamp

For lighting, pick a dimmable lamp that can be adjusted to a variety of settings. Some clients prefer brighter or dimmer light than others, but a faint, warm light is a soothing default option.

Dimmable lamps are also helpful when treating clients with sensory issues, making them an excellent child therapy office decor item.

therapy office decor water

Tabletop Fountain*

With the soothing rhythms of running water and the visual of deep, soft colors, a miniature tabletop fountain is always a good pick for therapy office decor.

Make sure to buy a fountain with an on/off switch, though, since some clients might be distracted by the noise.

therapy office decor art

Soothing Artwork*

When it comes to art for therapy offices, select pieces that are original (cliche art will turn your clients off) and that give off a friendly, relaxing vibe.

Try a picture with lots of blue tones of color, giving a client the feeling of being in a cozy, homey environment.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, your therapy office decor is your own. It should suit your needs and express who you are, but it should also be adjusted to help clients feel relaxed enough to open up to you.

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