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What Does Success Look Like? 15 Signs to Look for

What Does Success Look Like? 15 Signs to Look for

From the ability to really see your journey to positively uplifting others, here are 15 answers to the questions, “What are some recommended signs that tell you that you’ve succeeded, or that something is a success?”

  • Reflecting on Your Journey
  • Learning, Growing, and Improving Continuously
  • Having Your Business Run Without You
  • Seeing Happy Customers
  • Feeling a Sense of Accomplishment
  • Being Happy With Your Decisions
  • Not Letting Mistakes Stop You
  • Needing to Hire Staff to Help
  • Living Your Life the Way You Want
  • Checking Off Your List
  • Achieving Happiness and Contentment
  • Receiving Positive Feedback from Peers
  • Generating Consistent Income
  • Finding External Validation
  • Achieving Goals and Affecting Lives

Reflecting on Your Journey

In the rush of business, it’s tough to see your success at all times. Often, success can feel like a giant headache and even a failure, as you are too close to it.

However, a few moments of reflection can usually put things into perspective for me. As I sit and think back on the past and look at how far I’ve really come, I can see my success laid out in front of me.

Being able to take a moment and see the progress is an amazing feeling whenever I make time to do it and it can usually provide me with the feeling I’m looking for.

In these moments, the hard work, headaches, and dedication pay off. That’s all the recognition of success I need.

Learning, Growing, and Improving Continuously

Success looks like continually learning, growing, and improving over time. This can include taking on new challenges, developing new skills, and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. 

Success is not just about achieving specific goals or hitting certain milestones; it is also about striving for progress, growth, and self-mastery.

man reading books in a library

Continual growth helps you turn challenges into learning experiences and use your mistakes to become a better, stronger, and more successful person.

Having Your Business Run Without You

When your business can run without you, you know it’s successful. It’s difficult to build a successful company, especially if you’re the only one in charge.

Having a successful company is all about delegating and training others to do the job right and efficiently. That’s when you know you’re doing something right.

You’re not micromanaging every single task, and your business can run without you.

Seeing Happy Customers

Receiving positive customer feedback is always the best sign of success.

As a B2C company striving toward improving the lives of our customers, happy customers who share their great experiences and accompanying reviews are the telltale sign that we’re doing something right.

Those testimonials give us something to cheer about and keep us going and improving.

Co-Founder and CEO, Sonu Sleep

Feeling a Sense of Accomplishment

One sign that tells you that you have succeeded or something is a success is when you feel a sense of accomplishment and personal fulfillment.

woman celebrating a successful project

When you have achieved something that is meaningful to you and you feel proud of your work, it can be a good sign that you have been successful. 

Additionally, seeing tangible results such as an increase in sales, followers, or recognition can also be an indication that something is a success.

Being Happy With Your Decisions

Success can be synonymous with contentment. Being happy and feeling good about your decisions means you are on the right path.

Success is not always measured monetarily. It can come from fulfilling your passion, helping others, and making an impact.

Michelle Siy

Content Writer, Oliver Wicks

Not Letting Mistakes Stop You

Success, in my experience, is learning from my mistakes. Taking a risk can be terrifying, especially at work, where we all want to be our best selves. 

Giving myself the space to make mistakes and learn from them has allowed me to grow businesses by thinking outside the box while gaining a wealth of knowledge to pass on to my employees so they can better navigate their own choices.

If you can pick yourself back up and do better the next time with what you’ve figured out, then nothing can stop you.

Jade Hynes

HR Consultant, Red Clover

Needing to Hire Staff to Help

In my case, I went from being a self-employed psychic and tarot card reader who was struggling to get clients and recognition, to being sought after by newspapers, magazines, television, and radio, as well as celebrity clients.

I went from being unknown locally to being well-known nationally and, in some cases, internationally. 

I became so popular that it was impossible for me to keep up with and say yes to all the clients wanting to come to me for help, so I had to employ staff to help me.

After a while, I needed more and more staff to help me. If you’re not careful, you can become a victim of your own success, because you could easily work very long hours seven days a week and still find it impossible to keep up. 

When you get to this stage, you know you are successful and must monitor how much time you give to anything offered to you, because your time has now become extremely precious. You can only be doing one thing at a time and must say no to most offers.

Psychic Agony Aunt, Therapist, and Life Coach, Rosemary Price

Living Your Life the Way You Want

There’s no objective measure to determine whether or not something is a success. Everything depends on one’s individual perception and expectations towards both personal and professional life.

To me, success is a matter of freedom. Freedom of choice, financial independence, and courage to live your life the way you want, basically. It’s about being genuinely true to yourself and taking pride in it.

Successful people aren’t bothered by what others may say or think about them. They listen to their own voice instead. Success is reaching harmony with yourself and finding inner peace, I believe. It applies to all areas of life and makes you feel empowered.

Agata Szczepanek

Community Manager, LiveCareer

Checking Off Your List

I set myself and my company up for success through the use of detailed, updated checklists. I have my goals written, as well as steps that must be taken to make progress and even finish jobs.

Success is seeing several checkmarks on these lists.

work checklist

That means I have made major progress on the work I’m doing and I’ve been able to effectively finish projects and meet my goals. Since I have this channel set up properly, it’s a great indicator of success for me.

The fact that my checklists are always being updated and are never ‘completed’ means I am constantly chasing success. This constant updating of my lists fuels me and keeps everything in perspective as I work hard to be successful each day, and also continue my growth.

Achieving Happiness and Contentment

I have encountered countless individuals who have reached the pinnacle of their careers, yet still feel unfulfilled and unhappy.

Therefore, to me, genuine success is not just about achieving fame or wealth, but more importantly, it’s about finding inner peace, joy, and contentment in what you do. 

When you are truly happy with yourself and your achievements, you know that you have succeeded in the proper sense.

So, for me, the mark of true success is when you can wake up every day with a sense of satisfaction and purpose, knowing that you are living your life to the fullest.

Basana Saha

Founder and Editor, KidsCareIdeas

Receiving Positive Feedback from Peers

One sign that tells me I’ve succeeded is when I receive positive feedback from those whom I have helped or worked with. Positive feedback is crucial because it provides validation and recognition of the hard work and effort put into a task or project. 

Professional taking feedback from project manager

Consequently, positive feedback can come in various forms, such as verbal recognition, written reviews, or testimonials. It is essential because it not only helps to boost confidence but also provides motivation to continue improving and achieving success. 

In conclusion, positive feedback is a crucial sign of success because it provides validation, recognition, and motivation. It helps to establish trust, credibility, and reputation, which are essential for further success.

Generating Consistent Income

Success for a real-estate agent is typically measured by their ability to generate consistent income, maintain a steady flow of clients, and establish a positive reputation in the industry. 

One sign of success is when an agent can build a strong and loyal client base that trusts their expertise and consistently refers them to others.

Additionally, a successful agent can often close deals quickly and efficiently while providing exceptional customer service throughout the entire process. 

Another indicator of success is when an agent is recognized by their peers and industry organizations for their achievements and contributions to the field.

Overall, success for a real-estate agent is a combination of financial stability, a strong reputation, and a loyal client base.

Hassan Naeem

Real Estate Agent, Hassan Naeem Real Estate

Finding External Validation

External validation is a useful sign of success. Often, I’m too deep into a project to have the perspective I need.

When you’re really involved with something, it’s easy to only see the problems and obstacles that need to be overcome.

A little outside perspective and validation can make all the difference. The project might not be perfect, but an outsider can often see just how successful it truly is.

Achieving Goals and Affecting Lives

Success looks different for everyone. For some people, success is simply achieving a goal; however, it can also involve producing something that positively affects other people’s lives. 

One extremely well-known example of success would be an author who has written a widely read book that has made them critically acclaimed in the literary world.

Such authors have succeeded by providing thought-provoking pieces of work that capture the interest and imagination of their readers—and this type of success can often bring great personal pride and financial rewards on top of it.