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9 Best Wooden Desk Organizers for Organic Order

9 Best Wooden Desk Organizers for Organic Order

It’s important to keep your workspace clean and organized so that you enjoy working in it as much as possible. Desk organizers can help you clear up your desk and keep it clutter-free. 

wooden desk organizers

Desk organizers come in many different kinds of material. Wooden desk organizers add a pleasant natural touch to workspaces. They also keep spaces looking clean because they can cover and hide various items. 

Our Top Recommendations for Wooden Desk Organizers

Since we love wooden desk organizers so much, we’ll share our favorites with you. Keep reading to find the best wooden desk organizer for you. 

1. Best Overall – BLU MONACO Wooden Mail Organizer

We think this is the best wooden desk organizer because it packs a lot without taking up too much desk space. It can hold larger objects, such as notebooks and files. It also has tall slots for pens and pencils and stout storage spaces for smaller items. 

This organizer also has a unique block calendar feature, so you have a convenient reference when you need to remember the date. It also has a very timeless design. Therefore, it matches different desk setups and will last you a long time. 

2. Runner Up – HBCY Creations 3 Piece Rustic Wooden Desk Organizer Set

This organizer is one of our favorites because of its versatility. It has three separate pieces that you can rearrange, and it also comes in four different colors and textures. These options make this a very personalized wooden desk organizer. 

You can place many different kinds of office supplies in this organizer. The multiple tiers offer the perfect spaces for writing utensils, paperclips, and notepads. 

Overall, this organizer has a very thoughtful design. It even comes with foam pads on the bottom to protect your desktop from scratches. 

3. Best Affordable – Tidear Desk Organizer

The Tidear desk organizer has a very minimalist and modern design. Its small size makes it fit on multiple types of desks, cabinets, and side tables. The clean design makes your desk look very organized, and it creates a workspace where you want to work. The high-quality material makes it durable and long-lasting. 

This organizer comes with removable dividers so that you can customize the size of the compartments. You can have a total of five separate compartments. 

Since this organizer only has one tier, it may not be suitable for small office suppliers. It can be difficult trying to fish out paper clips from the deep compartments.

4. Most Unique – Silving Co. 4-pc. Bamboo Desk Accessory

This small wooden desk organizer has a unique design and is a great statement piece. It has four separate squares with different designs and functions. They can hold small office supplies and most pens and pencils. One of the squares acts as a phone stand.

Each piece is 100% bamboo and undergoes a durability test. Silving Co. also offers the option to take care of any issues you might experience with the desk organizer. All you have to do is send them an email, and they’ll get to work on addressing the issue. 

5. Best Minimalist – Wisuce Bamboo Desk Organizer

This option is a fairly large wooden desktop organizer. It comes with three pull-out drawers, and you can put all kinds of items in them. It keeps all these items out of view so that your desk always looks free of clutter

This organizer is 100% bamboo and has an NC varnish that coats and protects the wood. It’s also a part of a line of wooden desk organizers, so you can purchase different kinds to decorate your whole workspace. 

However, it doesn’t have a pencil holder, so it can be a little inconvenient. However, the drawers are big enough to store writing utensils. You can also opt to place a pencil holder on top of the surface. 

6. Best for Artists – Marbrasse Wooden Pen Organizer

Artists will love this wood desktop organizer because it has 12 slots to hold writing utensils. These slots are slanted so that you can easily pull out your markers, pens, and pencils.

It also has three spaces to store other items, such as a stapler and sticky notes. There’s also a pull-out drawer that you can use to store bigger items or rolls of washi tape. 

This organizer does require some assembly, but it comes with everything you need to set it up, including a screwdriver. Once you assemble it, you’ll have a sturdy and large wooden desktop organizer that can hold your art supplies.

7. Best for Filing – Stahala Bamboo Desk Mail Organizer 

If you’re looking to organize files, this organizer is perfect for keeping papers separated and compartmentalized. It has different levels of separators. You can store standard paper files in the back and envelopes and mail in the front. 

The separators are very sturdy, so you can place electronic devices, such as tablets, in the sections. The sections are also wide enough to fit magazines and notebooks. 

This organizer also has a thoughtful design. The material is natural and non-toxic. It has a smooth, water-resistant surface and rubber feet to keep it from sliding around your workspace.  

8. Best for Splurging – MOHLTIAPD Wooden Desk Drawer Organizer 

This rustic wood desk organizer mimics the style of an apothecary cabinet. It has nine pull-out drawers that are all the same size. Each drawer is 4.52 inches wide, 2.55 inches tall, and 3.7 inches deep. They also have a metal slot where you can insert labels. 

These drawers are great for storing all kinds of office supplies, such as binder clips, small sticky notes, and thumbtacks. 

Although this organizer is pricier than other options, it’s durable and sturdy. It also adds a unique touch to your workspace, and it’s a great match for anyone with a rustic style. 

9. Best Vintage – Primo Supply Home Office Desk Organizer

Vintage lovers will appreciate this organizer. It has a very classic design, and it’s also very functional. 

This organizer has four spacious drawers that can hold all kinds of items. Each drawer also has a metal frame for label inserts. The dimensions of this organizer are very wide and deep. Therefore, you can place more office supplies or decorations on top of it. 


Our favorite wooden desk organizer is the BLU MONACO Wooden Mail Organizer because it can hold items of all kinds of shapes and sizes. It also has a unique calendar to help you keep track of dates and deadlines. 

However, there are a lot of other great options out there. Make sure to find a desk organizer that matches your personal style and can fit in your workspace.